Unification of skin color

1 Natural methods

Unification of skin color – ” Contents1 natural methods2 cosmetic methods3 other tips4 referencesNatural methodsLemonadeLemon helps maintain the proper pH of the skin, thus maintaining and unifying the complexion; Where lemon contains citric acid, which opens the skin and unifies its color, and it can be used by regularly applying lemon juice to the skin, and then washing it off after leaving it for a while, but care should not go out in the sun during the application Lemon juice because it affects the color of the skin and do not use it in case of wounds or scratches on the skin; Because lemon causes burns and pain. [1]HoneyHoney moisturizes the skin and evens its color; It has antibacterial properties that reduce scars resulting from acne and other defects, and honey also protects the skin from dryness; Because dehydration causes skin damage, different colors and it is better to use a Manuka honey, because it contains more antibacterial properties than other honeys. [1]CosmeticscrubThe removal of the skin maintains its softness and leads to the cleaning of dry skin that accumulates on its surface, and its color is different from the color of the skin, because it does not get the proper nutrition. Skin exfol

2 cosmetic methods

iation can use washing, peels and cleansers depending on the type of skin and sensitivity. [2]Beauty productsConcealer can be used to hide dark circles that appear under the eyes, and it can be placed anywhere to even out the skin color, taking care to use the appropriate type and color. [2]Other tipsOne of the tips that can be followed to even out the skin color: [3]A lot of water should be consumed daily, to get a uniform color for the skin naturally, as water cleans the skin, eliminates wrinkles, maintains the moisture of the skin, and lemon slices and cucumber can be added to the water, to Add a refreshing flavor and boost the benefits for drinking water.Avoid drinking sugary and carbonated drinks and alcohol, as they cause oil accumulation and pimples.Make sure you exercise.Avoid fast food.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 other tips

Unification of skin color

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