Unification of the face color

1 Natural methods

Unification of the face color – “Contents1 natural methods2 medical methods3 referencesNatural methodsLemonadeLemon helps to naturally whiten the skin and even out its color, as it is rich in vitamin C, as it is an anti-oxidant, which makes it an important element in many skin inspection products, and treat skin problems resulting from sunlight and oily skin Problems, and can be used at home: [1]Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, honey and milk powder, with two cups of warm water in a bowl and mix until a firm paste forms.Put the mixture on the face and body, for (15-20) minutes, then wash it and dry it with a towel.Moisturizer for the skin.Repeat the process twice a week.oatmealOatmeal can be used as a natural way to unify the color of the face, as it helps to exfoliate the skin, remove dirt and pimples from the skin, it can be applied to the face, mixing it with a little honey, to form a paste and apply it to the skin for a few minutes, then rub the skin with your fingers, then wash the face well. [2]Medical methodsLaser treatmentLaser can be used to even out skin tone, relieve scarring and sun pigmentation on the skin, reduce any apparent redness, and it should be noted that laser can sometimes cause hyperpigmen

2 medical methods

tation and change the color of the skin, so it is best to try other treatments before the laser asylum. [3]PeelingOne of the things that helps to even out the color of the skin is its exfoliation, as peling When acids are used such as salicylic acids and medium peels and medium peels that may require sedatives or painkillers to relieve the pain, and a deep peel that also requires painkillers because phenol is used. [3]Putting on makeupTo get rid of the variation in skin color, makeup can be applied in a certain way, such as using cream foundation, which helps provide thick facial coverage, in addition to concealer (corrector) that works to cover blemishes and skin coloring. [3]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Unification of the face color

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