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Use turmeric for the skin – “Contents1 Turmeric2 Use turmeric for the skin3 The benefits of turmeric for the skin4 referencesTurmericTurmeric is a plant called Curcuma Longa and is native to southwest India. The turmeric root is taken, dried and ground to obtain a turmeric powder popular as a spice in Indian dishes. Turmeric has been used over 4000 years ago in Chinese medicine and Urvida (traditional medicine), as it contains therapeutic and preventive properties for a number of medical conditions. Turmeric contains curcumin, and this is one of the most important compounds as it is anti-inflammatory, oxidant, bacteria, fungi and virus. Turmeric can be used to take care of the health and beauty of the skin in addition to its health benefits, and this is specifically what this article will mention. [1] [2]Use turmeric for the skinTurmeric is used for the skin in several ways, including:Turmeric mask for flawless skinYouthful love, scars, wrinkles and dark circles is one of the skin problems that can spoil the beauty of the face, and to avoid high-priced chemicals, can prepare a turmeric mask that treats these problems. The way is:[3]ingredients:Pour to three teaspoons of organic turmeric powder.1 tablespoon of

2 Use turmeric for the skin

zubs without lambs.One teaspoon of natural honey.One teaspoon of virgin coconut oil.How to prepare:The rhythm of the milk is separated from Al-Zubadie to use in this mixture by placing it in a cloth and hanging it on a bowl for 3-4 hours.Wash the face and dried with the slowing down.The ingredients are mixed well to get a soft and smooth paste free of chunks.The turmeric mask is placed on the face with clean fingers or with the help of a makeup brush.Leave the mask on the face for 15 minutes.Rinse off with warm water.Repeat the mask once a week.Turmeric mask for fresh, acne-free skinThis mask is characterized by the content of turmeric that fights the bacteria that bring love to young people, in addition to stimulating the freshness of the skin, and also contains chickpeas that cleanse the skin and absorb excess fat, as well as zubadi that relieves wrinkles and eliminates dead skin and balances the level of acidity in the skin, and it can be added. lemon juice because it is useful for the skin with the love of youth, and it is not recommended for lemon if the skin is sensitive. The way is: [4]ingredients:One teaspoon of turmeric powder.Two to three tablespoons of normal x-yogurt (

3 The benefits of turmeric for the skin

not tasty or sweet, and free of lips).Two teaspoons of chickpeas.Lemon juice (optional).how to prepare:Mix the ingredients well to make a paste.The mixture is spread evenly over the face with a makeup brush.Leave the turmeric mask on the face until it dries completely.Peel off the mask on the skin with moisturizing fingers with water.Rinse the face.Turmeric mask is repeated once a week.IMPORTANT notes:Make sure the skin is free of all products before applying the mask.It is possible to get rid of the yellow color that stains the skin due to the use of turmeric mask by applying cold milk for five minutes on the face and then rinsing it, the milk makes the skin soft and smooth.Turmeric mask to fight against wrinklesPeliclation is a natural result of aging, but its appearance can be delayed with the help of natural masks, including turmeric mask that removes impurities from the skin and protects it from wrinkles. And its method is:[5]ingredients:A small turmeric.1 tablespoon of curd.Chickpea flour (optional).how to prepare:Mix the ingredient together and put the mixture on your face.Let it dry for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.Get rid of stretch marks with turmericT

urmeric contains properties that make it one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients that open the skin and get rid of signs of stretching, when applied regularly several weeks. And its method is: [6]ingredients:1 tablespoon of turmeric powder.1 tablespoon of fresh cream or to prepare:The ingredients are mixed to create a paste.The mixture is placed on the skin and allowed to dry for 10-15 minutes.Rinse with warm water and moisturize the skin with hydration.This method is repeated twice a day to get rid of signs of stretch.Turmeric cream to moisturize the skinApplying turmeric on the skin makes it refreshing and moist, and the method of moisturizing is:[2]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder.One tablespoon of rose water.One tablespoon of fresh milk to prepare:Mix the ingredients and apply to the skin.Leave the mixture until it dries for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off.Turmeric to treat unwanted hairTurmeric is one of the ingredients used to reduce unwanted hair on the face, or apply it after removing the hair to protect the skin. It should be noted that the desired results when using home remedies require time. It is recommended to be satisfi

ed with a small spray of turmeric when using this treatment day after day, and not to wash the skin with soap after applying turmeric treatment because it can make the skin dark. The way is:[7]ingredients:Pour to two teaspoons of turmeric.Rose water (for oily skin) or milk (for dry skin), and can be chosen between rose water and milk (for regular skin).how to prepare:Mix a sufficient amount of milk or rose water with turmeric powder to create a soft paste.The paste is applied to the areas where unwanted hair is found.Leave on for 15-20 minutes or until it dries.Wash with warm water.This treatment is repeated daily.Note: You can add chickpeas, oatmeal or rice flour to the mixture to remove thick hair.Benefits of turmeric for the skinTurmeric contains many benefits for the skin, including:[1]It helps treat pod.It helps to treat young love.It prevents wrinkles.It treats the signs of stretching of the skin.It calms the burn.It treats skin pigmentation.It treats unwanted hair common in women.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Use turmeric for the skin

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