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Usually bite nails – ” Contents1 Bile nails2 The risk of nail biting3 Ways to get rid of the nail biting habit4 referencesNail bitingNail biting is usually common to relieve stress, and can be done in times of boredom or inactivity, and it can be acquired habitual of the family, and it is one of the most common nervous habits, and nervous habits are also biting, teeth, Removal of hair, etc., [1] This habit is widely spread among children, as studies have shown that about 45-60% of children bite their nails, and this habit often disappears by itself. [2]The risk of nail bitingThere are many negative effects that usually cause nail biting, including the following: [3]Infection in the skin next to the nail or pain.Damage to the growth of the skin and nail due to the impact of nibbling usually on the tissues.Change the appearance of the nail and break it.Infection by cold and other diseases more frequently, given the germs that reach the mouth through this habit.Dhusida from its place and damage to the enamel. [4]Ways to get rid of the nail biting habitThere is no solution for this habit overnight, but with a little effort and time, this habit can be overcome, by the following: [5]Cut the nails to be short

2 The risk of biting nails

er than being caught in the teeth, so it will not be possible to bite them.Polish the nails with a flavor once.Work nails, because the expenditure of time and money for beautiful nails can be a compelling reason to keep them beautiful and not bite them.Wear gloves, so that it is not possible to reach and bite the nails, or by applying a nail stick.Try to know the reason for biting the nails and work to find a behavior that helps to cope with the nail biting condition in another way.Keep the mouth or hands in a preoccupation, such as chewing gum, for example, or use the ball to vent anger and stress.When you try many methods, without getting the desired result, you should consult a doctor to find a solution.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 ways to get rid of the habit of biting nails

Usually bite nails

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