Usually bite the nails

1 Usually biting nails: their causes and disposal

Usually bite the nails – “Contents1 Habitual nail biting: their causes and their elimination2 causes nail biting3 steps to get rid of this habitHabitual nail biting: their causes and their eliminationBringing nails is one of the unpleasant and common habits among many people, and this habit is not limited to young people, but we also see them spread to adults and different ages, and this habit is usually an expression of emotion or nervousness and tension, or it is a habit acquired from the surrounding environment, and this habit does not offend the shape of the nails and according to, but it has harm and negative effects on health in general.Causes of bitingUsually, nail biting in children usually start and grow with if they are not treated and try to get rid of it, and one of the reasons and reasons that make the child agree to bite their nails.The child imitates his friends at school or one of his brothers at homeAnxiety and nervous tension, where the child has resorted to the practice of this habit to release tension and express anxietyWeak parental control and allowing the child to perform these actions without guidance or directionPressing the child by asking him to do things that are beyond his abil

2 causes nail biting

ities, which makes him afraid to achieve the thing, so he resorted to biting his nailsFrequent prevention of a child at school or at home from things he likes, like playingSteps to get rid of this habitNail polish with materials sold in the pharmacy, such as those used to prevent finger sucking, percentage for children or anything that is passed, which in principle helps to get away from this habit andMake sure to cut the nails and regular care for themMake sure to put the pieces of carrots, for example, within your reach to eat when you feel the desire to bite the nailsWear glovesLook for alternative ways to overcome stress, boredom or nervousnessLots of chewing gum, as it can distract the person from biting nailsEating vitamins to strengthen the nails, especially the magnesium vitaminAlways do the nail clip in your hands to cut the nails instead of biting themTry to fill free time with various activities and hobbies that require the use of the hand, such as drawing, writing or using a pressure ballWas the item helpful?

3 steps to get rid of this habit

Usually bite the nails

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