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Vitamin A face – ” Contents1 vitamin A2 sources of vitamin A.3 benefits of vitamin A for the face4 recipes of useful vitamin A for the faceVitamin AVitamin A. If the body does not get enough of this vitamin, its health will be greatly affected; This effect includes a high risk of infection and a significant decrease in visibility, and there are three sources of this very important vitamin: animal feed, plant food and vitamin A (nutritional supplement).Vitamin A sourcesAnimal sources:Cow liver.Cod liver oil.Full-fat milk.Veal liver.Chicken liver.Butter.Eggs, especially the yolk.Dairy products.Plant sources:carrots.Pills.Spinach.Zucchini.Parsley.Smalf.Dandelion.Broccoli.Apricot.Sweet potato.Benefits of vitamin A for the faceVitamin A is to prepare many cosmetics; Because it has many benefits for the skin, including:Renew the cells of the face and strengthens its tissues.It prevents the appearance of pimples on oily skin by reducing its secretions.Reduces wrinkles; It contains antioxidants that protect facial cells from harmful external factors.Reduces dark circles under the eye if applied under the eyes.Reduces the appearance of lines around the eyes if applied around the eyes.It prevents the back of

2 sources of vitamin A.

dark spots on the face; because it fights free radicals.It treats acne and warts.It replaces dead skin cells with new one, preventing signs of expansion.Recipes of useful vitamin A for the facePotato and carrot recipe: mix boiled potatoes, boiled islands, ground turmeric and natural honey together until a soft paste forms, then spread on the face and leave for ten minutes then rinse with water, and to get satisfactory results, this recipe is repeated twice a week.The recipe for potato juice, where potatoes are pressed, their juice is taken and painted on the face until it dries, then rinse the face with water, and this recipe is to reduce wrinkles.Recipe for pumpkin: Mix a tablespoon of pumpkin with an egg white, until it forms a soft paste, spread on the face, leave it for twenty minutes, then rinse the face with cold water, this recipe is very useful for treating acne if used twice a week.Recipe for manga: Mix the pulp of a manga, two tablespoons of flour and a teaspoon of honey well until it is a soft paste, spread on the face and leave for about a quarter of an hour, then rinse the face with cold water , and this recipe is used to moisturize dry skin, especially in summer.Was

3 benefits of vitamin A for the face

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4 vitamin A recipes useful for the face

Vitamin A face

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