Vitamin C to lighten the skin

1 Vitamin C to lighten the skin

Vitamin C to lighten the skin – ” Contents1 vitamin C to brighten the skin2 benefits of vitamin C for the skin3 recipes for vitamin C sources to lighten the skin4 tips for brightening the skin5 sources of vitamin C6 referencesVitamin C to lighten the skinThe skin is exposed to many factors that cause damage to it, making it appear unattended, and these factors include: excessive exposure to sunlight and environmental pollutants, certain medical conditions and dryness, in addition to general fatigue and monitoring of An incorrect lifestyle and extensive use of inappropriate cosmetics. [1] In fact, it has been found that vitamin C reduces the problem and opens the skin and gives it freshness and vitality because it reduces water loss in the skin cells and increases the The softness and elasticity of the skin, and that vitamin C eliminates redness and inflammation, spots and damage caused by excessive UV rays. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of vitamin C for the skin and its most important sources to brighten it. [2]Benefits of vitamin C for the skinThere are many benefits of vitamin C for the skin, including:[3]Stimulates collagen production which regenerates skin cells, fights the symptoms of agin

2 benefits of vitamin C for the skin

g and protects the skin from harmful factors.Heals burns and wounds, as it improves wound healing, enhances tissue production and contains antioxidants that fight infection.Helps treat sunburn, due to its ability to produce collagen and repair damaged skinIt helps treat eczema when consumed with zinc.It protects against skin pigmentation which increases the risk of skin cancers, it also opens up skin color and blends dark spots.It improves skin tissue, as it improves elastin production, which in turn increases skin thickness and maintains moisture and improves cell production.Recipes for vitamin C sources to inspect the skinNatural sources of vitamin C or vitamin C supplements can be used in recipes to brighten the skin, including:LemonLemon contains a large amount of vitamin C, which in turn encourages the growth of skin cells, and the acidic property works in the lemon as a natural bleaching factor, and also contains antioxidants that protect the skin. And its method is: [1]Ingredients: A quantity of fresh lemon juice.How to use:Drink a clean cotton ball with fresh lemon juice and apply directly to the skin.Leave for at least an hour, then rinse the skin with water.Repeat the met

3 recipes from vitamin C sources to lighten the skin

hod once a day.PapayaPapaya is not only a delicious fruit, but it can be used in many cosmetics, especially to brighten the skin, which is due to the fact that it contains natural properties and acids that give the skin freshness and vitality. The method is: [1]ingredients:Fresh papaya.One cup of fresh lemon to prepare:Crush ripe papaya, mix with fresh lemon juice; To get the mixture ..The mixture is applied to the skin and rubbed all over.Leave the mixture on the skin for at least half an hour.The skin is rinsed with cold water.Repeat the method at least once a week; for best results.OrangeVitamin C is the most important element of skin care and lightning, which can be obtained in abundance from oranges, and it has been found that drinking orange juice regularly improves the smoothness and openness of the skin, and orange peel removes spots and signs of the skin signs. And his method is: [1]ingredients:One tablespoon of orange peel powder.One tablespoon of plain to prepare:Mix the two components together; To obtain a paste.The paste is applied to the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.The method is repeated once or twice a week at most.Vitamin C serumVitamin C serum is

4 Tips to lighten the skin

applied to the skin to protect it from the signs of aging, maintenance, lightening, fresh manufacturing. The method is:[2]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of vitamin C.1 tablespoon of hot distilled water (not boiled).how to prepare:Vitamin C powder is mixed with water well; To obtain the serum.Pour the serum carefully into a brown bottle or cobalt.Store in the refrigerator for not more than two weeks.How to use:Face washed and moisturized, then apply vitamin C.Repeat twice daily.Note: It is recommended to do an allergy test on the hand help plant before using the serum.Skin Lighting TipsFor the white, pure and flawless skin, some tips should be followed, namely:[4]Drink enough water, as it helps the body organs to perform its functions and to the skin one of these organs. Water is essential for the production of new skin cells. Researchers have proven that drinking at least two liters of water will preserve the skin and make it always shiny.Getting enough sleep at night makes the skin glow and vibrant.The skin is always cleansing to remove the layer of makeup and other harmful factors, such as: dirt, grease, germs, etc., and essential oil can be used or the use of a lotion for the skin

.Moisturizing the skin with moisturizing creams or oils is also an important step for skin whitening.The use of sunscreen is appropriate to avoid darkening of the skin resulting from sunburn, and sunscreen should be used at a 30% protection rate if the activity is abroad and at a 15% rate if the activity is internal.The skin is constantly exfoliating to get rid of the dead cells that cause dark skin and natural exfoliants from your home can be used.Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as they contain a high percentage of water, vitamins and minerals that help whiten the skin and give them gravity.Sources of vitamin CVitamin C is soluble in water and is naturally present in some foods, and the human body can not install this vitamin, so it is an essential nutrient, and it can be obtained from its natural source or from nutritional supplements, and as follows we will mention some of the sources of vitamins. C and including: [3]Natural source:Hot pepper (108 mg of vitamin C per cup).Sweet pepper (120-190 mg).Broccoli (132 mg).Quick (80.4 mg).Papaya (88.3 mg).Strawberry (84.7 mg).Carbag (127,7 mg).Mango (122,3 mg).Pineapple (78,9 mg).Lemon (112,4 mg).Orange (95,8 mg).Rose (541 mg)

.Kiwi (137.2 mg).Dietary supplement: the vitamin C supplement usually contains vitamins the form of ascorbic acid, which is very useful for the health of the skin and the rest of the body, and vitamin C supplementation comes in the form of drops, crystals, creams, special powder for the skin, liquid injection, capsules or tablets flying famous.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Vitamin C to lighten the skin

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