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Vitamin E for dark circles – “Contents1 dark circles2 causes of dark circles3 Vitamin E for dark circles4 Medical methods to treat dark circles5 ReferencesDark circlesThe appearance of dark circles around the eye is one of the things that negatively affects the psyche of girls or women, and also affects their self-confidence, as this problem affects both women and men, as these auras leave an unpleasant impact on the Face, where the face is considered to be the mirror of the body of each person, as well as evidence of its beauty. [1], so in this article we will clarify the important information related to the problem of dark circles.Causes of dark circlesDark circles are a problem that many people may face, and this problem often occurs as a result of the change or disturbance of the blood in the area of the lower eyes, and this layer is very thin in reality, and in the Case of its darkening, it indicates that the blood in this layer contains toxic substances and, the most important of which is carbon dioxide, and when the body gets rid of these substances, oxygen gas replaces the toxic carbon dioxide, and so This works to bring the skin back to its natural color in the area under the eyes, and there are many

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and different reasons for the appearance of dark circles in people, the most important of them: [2]Getting older.Exposure to the harmful sun.Extracting the skin from cosmetics.Nasal sensitivity.Fatigue and tiredness.Anxiety.Sleeping for long periods.Lack of sleep.Infection by nasal congestion or sinusitis, which causes the blood vessels under the eyes to expand and widen and congestion considerably, weakens the blood from the place to the place and leads to the appearance of dark under the eyes.Vitamin E for dark circlesThe vitamin E. E is the following: cooked spinach, turnip, carrots, fish, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, turkey, milk and eggs. This vitamin is also an effective treatment to get rid of dark circles in the skin, because it contains a high percentage of antioxidants that help protect the skin are from all external damage, the most important of which is the damage of ultraviolet radiation, and it can be used from vitamin E by eating many natural sources that have been mentioned in advance, or Through the use of vitamin E capsules, after which it is best to wash the face well and dry it, and it is worth mentioning that it consults a doctor before taking these supplements. [

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3]Medical methods to treat dark circlesThis is the most important modern way to get rid of dark auras:[4]Chemical exfoliation: it regenerates the skin cells around the eye area.Optical therapy: it destroys the cells that make the skin color change and softens the area around the eyes.Laser: It treats dark circles and relieves skin pigmentation.Surgical operations: remove fat under the eyes and reduce bloating and circles.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 medical methods for treating dark circles

Vitamin E for dark circles

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