Vitamin E for oily skin

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Vitamin E for oily skin – ” Contents1 vitamin E1.1 Benefits of vitamin E for oily skin1.2 Natural foods containing vitamin E1.3 Blends for oily skinVitamin EVitamin E is considered one of the important vitamins of the skin because of the benefits it offers, and therefore it is included in many industries that serve the skin, such as: the manufacture of cosmetics and skin care creams, and in this Article We will mention the importance of this vitamin for oily skin; Because it is considered one of the most prudent types to avoid problems that you may be exposed to, and we will also mention some of the recipes that are entered.Benefits of vitamin E for oily skinIt tightens the flals and prevents the effects of aging.It protects it from damage; For the effectiveness of the vitamin in getting rid of impurities and dirt that fall into the large pores of oily skin.It opens its color and gets rid of spots and dark pigmentation.Maintains the youth of the skin by regenerating the cells.It gives it flexibility, as it stimulates collagen in the body, which protects it from cracking and dehydration.It kills germs accumulated on the skin that cause many problems, as it is considered one of the most powerful skin antisept

1.1 Benefits of vitamin E for oily skin

ics.Natural foods containing vitamin ELegumes, such as: beans and peas.Green leafy vegetables, such as: spinach, boiled, asparagus, parsley, lettuce, cabbage, dandelion and broccoli.Nuts of all kinds, such as: almonds, walnuts, pine and sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and sesame.Vegetable oils, such as: olive oil and oil, soybean, pistachio oil and corn oil.Some other foods, such as: mango, egg yolk, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and kiwi.Blends for oily skinHoney and lemon:Mix two teaspoons of natural honey with two teaspoons of lemon juice and two teaspoons of yogurt.Mix 3 capsules of vitamin E, or two tablespoons of vitamin olive with previous ingredients.We put the mask after cleaning the skin well and rub the face and the area under the eyes for 20-30 minutes.The benefits of this mask are that it gives the skin softness, freshness and radiance, removes black tips under the eyes, renews skin cells, relieves oils in the oily skin that causes pimples and is used once a week.Milk and honey:Mix one capsule of vitamin E with two teaspoons of honey.Add one tablespoon of milk powder and mix well.Apply the mixture on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes.We wash the skin well, close the pores of

1.2 The natural foods contained in vitamin E

the skin and apply the moisturizer.This mask removes dead skin cells and gives the skin super moisture.FISH OIL:We open four fish oil capsules.We add moisturizer.Mix them well together.We add a capsule of vitamin E.Mark the skin well with the mixture, then wash it well.The advantages of this vitamin is that it gives moisture to the oily skin, prevents the appearance of pimples and opens its color.Was the article useful?

1.3 Mixes for oily skin

Vitamin E for oily skin

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