Water and salt for the face

1 water and salt for the face

Water and salt for the face – ” Contents1 water and salt for the face1.1 skin peeling1.2 Skin sensitivity treatment1.3 Acne treatment1.4 Skin cleansing1.5 swollen eye treatmentWater and salt for the faceSalt is defined as a chemical material that exists in nature in the form of crystal-like crystals, which is mainly used in all the cuisines of the world , but the importance of salt is not limited only to food, because it is there that it is included in the manufacture of many therapeutic and cosmetic products, and in this article we will explain the importance of the salt solution with water .scrubSalt is one of the most important natural materials used in body care stations, as it works to smooth the skin and get rid of scabs and dead skin on the skin, and this is by mixing a quantity of salt of a little water, Applying the solution to the face, then starting to massage it in circular and soft movements, to ensure that the skin is not injured or hurt, and it is best to add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to the mixture to further soften the skin.Other recipes prepared to peel the face, mix a quarter cup of aloe vera oil with the same amount of coconut oil, with half a cup of salt and a tablespoon of dr

1.1 skin peeling

ied flowers, with the addition of a little water, applying the consistent mixture on the face and massage it as in the previous recipe.Treating skin sensitivitySalt contains many nutrients that will clean the skin and get rid of bacterial or innate infections that cause problems, such as: eczema, inflammation and skin irritation, psoriasis and others; in fact, it works to open the pores and motivate blood circulation in the arteries of the face, in addition to its work to moisturize the cells and keep the skin fresh. The salt is used by mixing two tablespoons of four tablespoons of natural honey and applying the mixture on the skin for fifteen minutes before washing it with warm water.treatment of acneResearch and studies have shown that salt has the ability to organize the process of secretion of oils and fats in the skin, which is one of the fundamental causes of the appearance of acne and various pimples, and it is indicated that salt contains a percentage of sulfur , which in turn increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the skin, in addition to an element Potasim, which maintains the moisture of the face and also stimulates the process of absorption of food and get rid of d

1.2 Skin sensitivity treatment

irt and impurities.Cleanse the skinIt is by making a toner for the skin by dissolving a quantity of salt in warm water and keeping the mixture in a bottle, taking care of its shake well before use, which prefers to be before going to sleep, make sure to stay away from the eye area, so that not salt causes infections or heartburn.Treatment of eye swellingA tablespoon of salt is dissolved in a quantity of boiling water, then soak two circular cottages – the removal of makeup – and put it on the eyes with lying on the back, where it should be left for a quarter of an hour, and it will be Notice the disappearance of bloating.Was the article useful?

1.3 Acne treatment

Water and salt for the face

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