Ways to clean the skin

1 Use soap to clean the skin

Ways to clean the skin – ” Contents1 Use soap to clean the skin2 skin peeling3 clean the skin in a natural way4 tips for clean skin5 referencesUse soap to clean the skinIt is recommended to use soap to clean the skin when bathing, because the skin can be scrubbed with soap to get rid of microbes and dirt that are stuck on the skin, because the shower is the best way to clean the skin and maintain its health, And not all types of soap are good, there are certain types of soap that help rid the skin of one of the natural oils that the skin needs to maintain its health, so you need to be careful when using soap, where soap with natural ingredients that give the skin should be chosen freshness and health. [1]scrubThere are three types of skin peeling: surface peeling, medium exfoliation and deep peeling, where alpha acid is used for surface peeling to exfoliate the surface layer of the skin, while medium exfoliation is used in a higher concentration of glycolic acid or triocrohetic acid, while deep exfoliation is done under general anesthesia. [2]Cleanse the skin in a natural wayLemon juice and sugarThis recipe is effective in exfoliating the skin, and it is prepared by mixing an equal amount of lemon juice an

2 skin peeling

d sugar, distributed to the skin and rubbing the tips of the fingers with circular motions to clean the skin, leave 10 to 12 minutes , then wash and repeat once a week. [3]Honey and cinnamonCinnamon contributes to preventing the growth of bacteria in the skin, while honey works as a strong and natural antibiotic, and therefore the combination of honey and cinnamon is an effective way to obtain clean skin, and the recipe can be prepared by mixing equal amounts of honey and cinnamon, and the mixture is applied to the skin and left for a period between 12 and 15 minutes, wash with clean water. [3]Yogurt and lemonThis is one of the effective recipes for cleaning oily skin or skin exposed to the appearance of acne, because the lemon is an anti-infection, and the zabadi is modified the acidity of the skin, in addition to that, it treats this recipe of the Skin captains resulting from the sun, scars and spots, and to prepare it, mix a spoonful of yogurt with a few drops of lemon juice, put the mixture on the face, leave for a few minutes until the skin is absorbed, then wash with water. [4]Milk and honeyMilk and honey are considered effective in cleaning dry skin, because milk contains la

3 Cleaning the skin in natural ways

ctic acid (lactic acid) that easily cleanses the skin of impurities, while honey is anti -bacteria and maintains the moisture of the skin and to prepare this recipe, mix Half a tablespoon of milk with half a spoon of honey, then add a small amount of usual lotion and wash the skin as usual. [4]Apple and milk juiceThe recipe can be prepared by mixing three tablespoons of fresh apple juice with six tablespoons of whole milk and two tablespoons of warm honey. [5]Tips for clean skinThere are some tips that should be followed when cleaning the skin, and they are as follows: [6]Remove makeup before washing the face.Use room temperature water and avoid using cold or very hot water on the skin. [6]Choose the type of lotion according to the skin type. [6]Use toner after cleansing the skin, as it is better to use toner made of natural materials such as lemon and cucumber juice. [6]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 tips for clean skin

Ways to clean the skin

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