Ways to get rid of blackheads

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Ways to get rid of blackheads – “Contents1 blackheads2 reasons for the appearance of blackheads3 ways to get rid of blackheads4 referencesblackheadsBlackheads are an annoying manifestation that distorts the purity and purity of the skin, and is the result of the closure of pores, and the accumulation of dirt and grease, and appears in the form of light blackheads, and there are several ways in which blackheads are eliminated, provided that the use of these methods is used, as the black heads are renewed and attention should also be paid to the need to clear the pores of the face with steam, to motivate them to remove their contents of the gut and The accumulated dirt in the form of black heads. [1]The reasons for the emergence of blackheadsAll skin types suffer from oily secretions, but the large number of these secretions is the main cause of the emergence of blackheads. When these secretions, if accompanied by neglecting the cleanliness of the face, lack of attention and skin care, leads to dryness and oxidation of these oxidants and turn them into black. In addition, the remains of makeup and dead cells that collect on the skin block the pores, become black and the appearance of blackheads increases in the are

2 Reasons for the appearance of blackheads

a of the chin, forehead and nose. [2]Ways to get rid of blackheadsSince the problem of blackheads appears due to bad daily habits and poor skin care and health, follow some daily habits can save us from this problem before their object, or at least can reduce their impact, and some habits that help prevent blackheads: [3]Steam bath method: where the pores of the face are exposed to steam, to lighten them and motivate them to eliminate the darkest accumulated, heating the water until the steam is degenerated, then the head is covered with a towel and steam on The skin directly, and then the blackheads shown on the surface are eliminated with the help of the hair clip, after which the skin is washed with lukewarm water to close the pores, and the process should be repeated three times a week.Adhesive strips: these strips are available in pharmacies, where they are attached directly to the skin that suffers from the presence of blackheads, and it is preferable before applying them to expose the face to water for a few minutes to clear the pores.The method of orange peel: when the dry orange peels are ground, kneaded with liquid milk, apply the resulting mixture directly in the form of

3 Ways to get rid of blackheads

a mask, waiting for a quarter of an hour, after which the face is scrubbed well and get rid of blackheads, and then wash the face with warm water.The method of honey mask: honey is very effective that helps to purify the skin of impurities and blackheads, where honey is heated with a warm water bath, and put it on the skin in the form of a mask and wait a quarter of an hour with continuous massage, then wash the face with a lukewarm.Wash the face regularly: the main reason for the formation of blackheads is the accumulation of dirt on the surface of the skin, and not wash it, which leads to the closure of the pores, so the face should be washed with warm water at least three times a day, and make sure to remove the effects of makeup from the surface of the skin, in order to fight the formation of blackheads and continue to drink two liters of water a day.Vinegar and starch method: natural vinegar mask is prepared with starch by mixing an appropriate amount of starch, kneading it with vinegar, applying the paste on the places of the skin that contains black heads, waiting for it to dry completely and start rubbing, where the blackheads will be completely removed.the reviewerWas the

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Ways to get rid of blackheads

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