Ways to naturally lighten the skin

1 Skin lightening

Ways to naturally lighten the skin – “Contents1 skin lightening2 naturally lightening the skin3 tips for lightening the skin4 referencesSkin whiteningMany people seek to achieve fresh, shiny, impure skin, except that skin exposure, environmental pollution, fatigue, poor lifestyle, excessive use of chemicals, and constant cosmetic use all contribute to skin destruction, to its The color changes to a dark degree, and many people resort to chemical treatments and cosmetics that are prevalent in the markets, thinking that these substances help to quickly lighten the skin, but these materials are expensive, and it should be noted that money can be provided and get rid of the side effects; It is by resorting to natural ingredients to lighten the skin. [1]Naturally lightening the skinIt is a white skin, and the brightness of the dream of many, and there are many methods to lighten the skin, but one of these best methods is the one that consists of natural materials; For it is considered safe and inexpensive, and in this comes some methods of skin whitening, including: [2]Papaya and honeyFresh papaya fruit is a good taste, in addition to its many benefits of the skin; It contains acids, such as: (papain) and (alpha hydroxy),

2 Naturally lightening the skin

as these acids have the ability to remove dead cells, which helps to lighten the color of the skin and restore their radiance, while honey contains anti-bacterial properties, which protects the The skin, and the method is:[2]ingredients:Half a cup of fresh papaya.One teaspoon of honey.how to prepare:Cut the papaya, then crush; To get a soft and thick paste.Add the honey and mix well with the papaya.The mixture is placed on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes.Wash the skin with lukewarm water, then with cold water.This method is repeated every night before going to bed.Peel and dry orange milkOranges are considered a fruit rich in vitamin C, which helps to whiten the skin, remove pigmentation, and the method is:[2]ingredients:An appropriate amount of orange peels.1 tablespoon of unsavory milk.how to prepare:The scales are dried under the sunlight for two or three days.The scales are crushed until the powder is smooth.Mix milk with scale powder; For a soft paste.The paste is placed on a clean skin and sheet for a period of 15 to 20 minutes.The skin is washed with warm water.The method is repeated day after day before sleeping.Tomatoes, yogurt and oatsThe reason for the red color of

3 tips for lightening the skin

tomatoes is due to the containment of lycopene, and this material helps to protect the skin from light, in addition to that it helps the skin to resist the age of aging, protects the skin from cancer, makes the skin The bright and clear color and tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, oats help to peel the skin and the method is:[2]ingredients:A love of tomatoes.One teaspoon of oatmeal.One teaspoon of unsavory yogurt.how to prepare:Cut the tomatoes, then squeeze and take a spoon, or two of the juice.Mix the tomato juice with milk and oats.The mixture is placed on a clean skin and leaving for 20 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.Repeat the method twice, or three times a week.Sandalwood, almonds and milkSandalwood helps to lighten the skin by reducing melanin production, preventing tyrosines, while almond powder and milk are considered two ingredients rich in essential nutrients for the skin, and the method is:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder.1 tablespoon of almond powder.An appropriate amount of milk.how to prepare:Mix sandalwood powder and almonds together with an appropriate amount of milk until a soft paste forms.The paste is placed on clean skin and sheet for

20 minutes.Wash the face with warm water, then apply a moisturizer suitable for the skin type.Repeat the method twice, or three times a week.Note: Sandalwood powder should be tested before using it for the first time, by applying it to the skin and monitoring it for 24 hours, so if the skin doesn’t think it’s okay to use.Pumpkin, honey and milkThe pumpkin plant is an anti-oxidant, as it contains vitamins and acids that help to brighten the skin, such as: beta -carotene, vitamins (A and C), and the method is: [2]ingredients:Two teaspoons of pumpkin.Half a teaspoon of honey.Half a tablespoon of milk.electric blender.How to prepare:Cut up the pumpkin, then mash in the blender.The pumpkin dogs mix with the honey and milk to make a paste.The paste is placed on the skin and leaves for 20 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.Repeat the treatment before bedtime twice, or three times a week.Note: If the skin is sensitive to milk, it is possible to apply the cabinet.Potato MaskPotatoes help to effectively lighten the skin; Indeed, it contains a high percentage of vitamin C, as it helps to get rid of dark spots and dark circles, and this method is suitable for oily skin, and the method

is:[3]Parts: a love of potatoes.How to prepare:Peel the fresh potatoes.Cut the potatoes into slices, then rub the skin with.The potatoes on the skin for 15 minutes.The skin is washed with water as usual.This method is repeated twice a week.Milk maskMilk contains calcium, which helps to maintain the natural color of the skin, in addition to its ability to fight significantly on dryness, and also helps to produce melanin dye, while lactic acid helps to reduce the pigmentation of the skin, and the method is:[3]ingredients:One cup of milk.Clean towel.how to prepare:Heat the milk over medium heat.The towel is placed in hot milk.The milk is placed on the dark skin and the skin gently rubbed for 3 to 5 minutes.This method is applied every two weeks.Banana and almond oilBananas help to produce collagen in the skin; In fact, it contains vitamin C and vitamin B6, which helps to preserve the skin of the skin and improve the skin, while almond oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E, and these vitamins help to soften the skin, Moisturize and relieve skin sensitivity, especially for owners of dry skin, and the method is:[3]ingredients:An appropriate amount of bananas.One teaspoon of a

lmond oil.How to prepare:Banana Mash.Almond oil is mixed with bananas.The mixture is applied to the skin and left for 20-25 minutes.The skin is washed with water as usual.This method is repeated daily; to get the best results.Tips for lighting the skinThe use of home relations, in addition to daily skin care, helps to lighten and moisturize the skin, and although some daily tips are interested in the skin, including:[2]Cleanse the face daily, once in the morning and once in the evening; This is by using a gentle cleanser suitable for a skin type.Exfoliate the skin with a gentle peel twice, or three times a week.Apply the natural masks that were mentioned earlier.Dry the skin with a soft towel.Moisturizing the skin with a moisturizer suitable for the skin type, whether oily or otherwise.The application of toner is suitable for the skin; to maintain its balance and the degree of acidity in the skin.Using a sunscreen suitable for the skin; To protect it from sunlight with a protection factor of at least 20%.Cleaning the effects of makeup before going to bed.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Ways to naturally lighten the skin

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