Ways to remove blackness under the eyes

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Ways to remove blackness under the eyes – ” Contents1 blackness under the eyes2 Therapeutic methods to eliminate blackness under the eyes3 natural recipes to eliminate blackness under the eyes4 Tips to prevent blackness under the eyes5 Reasons that lead to the appearance of darkness under the eyes6 referencesBlack Under the EyeBlack Under the Eye is one of the problems that haunt the skin, making it look inappropriate, and one of the reasons for the emergence of this problem: Sinus sensitivity, or that the skin is under the eye is very thin, or the presence of dirt and grease under the eye, and one of the best and most common treatments is the result of the products it contains retinol and eye creams that contain caffeine, but these treatments need time, money and effort, So it is necessary to seek other treatments such as: natural home remedies to solve this problem. [1]Therapeutic methods to eliminate darkness under the eyesHere are the medical methods that help to treat the darkness under the eyes: [2]Laser therapy: Laser therapy is under the supervision of a dermatologist, and the laser works to get rid of the fat under the eye and lighten the whole area.Light chemical peeling: such as glycolic peeling or AHA peeling,

2 Therapeutic methods to remove blackness under the eyes

because the area under the eyes is a sensitive area, where the peeling mechanism is removed from the first layer of skin, and obtaining a second healthy layer of dirt and impurities, and is under the supervision of a specialist.Intensive pulse treatment: this is optical waves that treat the skin under the eyes to get rid of impurities, and the fat underneath, and works to calm the skin, and is considered an effective treatment, except that it is very expensive and takes a long time.Surgery: This is under the supervision of a beauty specialist, which is the final solution in the case where the sediment and fat are not removed by other means, and its results are noticeable in the color of the skin under the eyes, and becomes more fluid.Natural recipes to eliminate the darkness under the eyescold waterCold water is used to reduce the blood vessels that cause the dark area under the eye, by pressing cold water on it, and its method is:[3]ingredients:A quantity of cold water or milk.Tissue.how to prepare:Soak the piece of cloth in cold water, close the eyes and put the cold cloth on the eyes.When the cloth loses its coldness, it is soaked again, placed over the eyes, and this process is

3 Natural recipes to remove blackness under the eyes

repeated 10 to 15 mines.Repeat this process three to four times a day.Almond oilVitamin K in almond oil helps to reduce the large blood vessels around the eyes, due to the absence of this vitamin and some antioxidants, and almond oil can be used to relieve dark circles; Because it is useful for the sensitive skin under the eye, and its method is:[3]Ingredients: a small almond oil.How to prepare:Put a small almond oil on the dark circles before going to bed.Keep the oil overnight, then wash it off the next morning with cold water.Repeat this process daily.OptionThe option has the great ability to lighten the skin and calm the area around the eyes, as it contains antioxidants, including: vitexin, cucurbitacins, orienttin and isoscoparin, and many vitamins, including: vitamin K and vitamin C, which reduces the Change of skin color on the eyes, and its method is: [3]Ingredients: A fresh option grain.How to prepare:Cut the cucumber into thick pieces, then place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.Put the cucumber pieces on the eyes for 10 minutes, then wash the water.Repeat this process twice a day for a week.argan oilArgan oil contains a large percentage of vitamin E, and antioxidan

4 tips to prevent blackness from appearing under the eyes

ts that treat the skin cells under the eyes, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, making them bright, supple and argan oil has the property of absorption being a light oil, where the skin absorbs it easily, and its method is: [4]Ingredients: Several drops of argan oil.How to prepare:Put the corners of the oil under the eyes with your finger, then press gently until the skin absorbs the oil and do not wash it.Repeat this process daily before going to bed.Coconut oilCoconut oil reduces the dark circles that appear under the eyes; It contains properties that nourish the skin, moisturizes it and its way is: [4]Ingredients: Several drops of coconut oil.How to prepare:Apply coconut oil to the skin under the eye through the Flap with your hand.Massage the skin in circular motions with the direction clockwise several times, then leave it overnight.Repeat this process daily before going to bed.Saffron and milkSaffron has been used since ancient times because of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory skin care, which makes it brilliant, and its method is:[4]ingredients:A quarter cup of milk.2-1 Spire of saffron.Cotton ball.how to prepare:Soak saffron in milk for several min

utes.Soak a cotton ball in the milk soaked with saffron, then put it under the eyes.Keep the milk under the eyes for 10 to 12 minutes, then wash the area with cold water.This milk can be placed on the face and neck.Repeat this process daily.Note: If you are one of the people who are allergic to milk and its derivatives, it is advised not to use this treatment.Yogurt and parsleyParsley contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, including: beta-carotene, vitamin C and folic acid that works to lighten the color of the skin, moisturize it and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and its method is:[4]ingredients:A handful of parsley leaves.1 tablespoon of yogurt.how to prepare:Grind the parsley leaves and mix them with yogurt.Put the mixture on the dark circles for 10 minutes, then wash off the cold water.Repeat this process three times a week.Tips to prevent the appearance of darkness under the eyesHere are some tips to prevent the appearance of darkness under the eyes:[2]Get enough sleep.Do not be exposed to an atmosphere that works on the appearance of allergies in the body, which makes the eyes swollen.Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins.Stop smoking.Use sunscreen when exposed to the s

un.Reasons that lead to the appearance of darkness under the eyes.[5]Not getting enough sleep daily.Skin infection by certain skin diseases, such as: eczema and skin inflammation.Skin loss and thinning of oils due to aging.Direct exposure to the sun.Genetic factors, there are people who have a dark under eye due to the genetic factor.Flexes, nasal appendages.Facial surgeries or shocks to which it is exposed.Inability to breathe while sleeping.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Ways to remove blackness under the eyes

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