Ways to remove the effects of grains from the face

1 skin problems

Ways to remove the effects of grains from the face – ” Contents1 skin problems2 ways to remove the effects of pillsSkin problemsThe pure and clean skin is one of the most important aesthetic features of the face, but the skin may have some problems such as the appearance of acne during adolescence, or melasma due to sun exposure or during pregnancy, and allergic pills that disappear In a certain period, leaving behind these pills, so many people resort to people to treat these problems by following many methods such as using chemical drugs or natural mixtures that are safer, and we will mention in this article some ways to treat the Effects of pills.Ways to remove the effects of pillsNatural recipesSose and rose water: done. Mix a quarter tablespoon of starch with a tablespoon of rose water, then apply to the desired area and leave until it dries, then wash it with warm water, and for best results The recipe is repeated daily.Green tea: this boils a quarter cup of green tea, then bring a piece of cotton and soak it with, and apply the scars, and it is advisable to repeat this recipe daily.Olive oil: This is done by washing the face well and drying it, then massaging the desired areas with olive oil in a gentle circular motion for fiv

2 ways to remove the effects of pills

e minutes, and leaving it a little until it is absorbed by the skin, then remove the excess oil With a clean and warm towel, then wash it with warm water and medical soap dedicated to the skin, then with cold water to close the pores and it is best to apply this recipe daily.Baking soda: baking soda is an effective substance in exfoliating the skin, cleaning and eliminating the effects of grains, and this is done by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with a small amount of water to form a paste, then apply it Instead of the effects of grains and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes, then wash the skin with water, this recipe is repeated twice a week to get the best results.Lemon juice: by bringing lemon juice and dipping a piece of cotton, distributing it to the effects of pimples and pimples, and repeat this recipe once a day before bedtime.Daily practicesDrinking water: water has a great role in expelling toxins from the body, and the skin has vitality and freshness, as it is useful for all types of skin, so you should take care to eat eight cups of water daily.Wash the face twice a day with water: Washing the face with water makes it save from dirt, dust and stuck bacteria; By washing th

e skin with lukewarm water and applying moisturizer after it or cucumber juice; It is useful to reduce redness and swelling of pills.Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals: it offers the skin the nutrition it needs, maintains their moisture and eliminates the effects of grains.Do not eat foods rich in saturated fats: because it increases the risk of pimples and their effects.Do not eat stimulants: including tea and coffee; it contains a high percentage of caffeine, which negatively affects the body and skin.Cleaning the face is a good effect of cosmetics before sleeping.Was the article useful?

Ways to remove the effects of grains from the face

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