Ways to remove the Ziwan

1 Al -Ziwan

Ways to remove the Ziwan – “Contents1 Al -ziwan2 reasons for the appearance of olive on the skin3 home recipes to get rid of Ziwan4 medical treatments for olive5 tips to reduce ziwan6 referencesAl -ziwanOr what is called blackheads, are small dark blisters, which appear on the skin, specifically on the face and neck, and it is considered a sign of clear acne, but it can appear without acne; It appears due to the blockage of hair follicles, and it is called black; Because it is black, and most of those who suffer from this problem are teenagers; Due to hormonal changes, these blackheads can be treated with cosmetics or dermatologists, but they are expensive, and there are alternatives to these treatments without spending a lot on treatment. [1] [2]Reasons for the appearance of olive on the skinThe reasons for the appearance of olive on the skin are summarized the following: [1]Age-related hormonal changes, such as puberty, changes in menstruation and pregnancy, and the use of birth control pills.Accumulation of bacteria on the skin.Excessive body in the production of new cells.Blockage of pores, due to the accumulation of dead cells.A lot of skin oil.Irritated hair follicles.Certain types of food, such as dai

2 Reasons for the appearance of the olive on the skin

ry products.A medication.Home recipes to get rid of ziwanCoconut oil recipeCoconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial, and it is very effective in cleaning the skin and getting rid of olive. And its method is:[3]how to prepare:Wash your hands, then put coconut oil on the skin and massage with a circular motion.Heat the pores for five minutes, placing the face on the hot water and placing a towel on the head to keep the steam.The skin is quickly massaged and wipes away any excess oil with a clean towel.Sprinkle cold water on the skin to close the pores.Baking soda recipeOr baking soda, it is a multi-use component, including skin cleansing and olive removal. And its method is:[3]how to prepare:Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with enough mineral water to make a paste.Gently massage the mixture onto the blackheads and leave for a few minutes.The skin is washed with warm water.This treatment can be done more than twice a week.Cinnamon and lemon juice recipeCinnamon benefits the skin with many advantages; Including the removal of Al-Ziwan. And its method:[3]How to prepare:Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon with lemon juice to form a paste.The paste is placed on the blackheads and left for a few minut

3 home recipes to get rid of the Ziwan

es.Wash off with warm water.Repeat more than once a week.egg whiteEgg white contains great nutrients for the skin and is applied as a facial mask and removes blackheads (Ziwan), but it takes a long time to achieve the desired result. And its method is:[3]how to prepare:Set the egg white or two of the yolk.Rinse the face with water and dry well.A single layer of egg white is placed all over the face and waiting for it to dry.Another layer is applied, waiting for it to dry, and this is repeated up to five times, but it must be sure that each layer dries before the other layer is placed.The eggs are washed, then the moisturizer that suits the skin is placed.Apple cider vinegar and mint leavesApple cider vinegar is used with mint leaves to remove blackheads. And its method is:[3]how to prepare:Put a cup of water in a bowl, add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons of mint.The cap is placed on the bowl and this mixture is left in a cold, dark area for a week.Drain the mixture, put another cup of water on it and leave it in the refrigerator for 5 to 6 days.The skin is wiped with a clean cotton ball, or the skin can be left unwashed for a few hours, or for a full day.

4 Medical treatments for olive

Lemon and honeyLemon cleanses the pores, helps to tighten it and restore the acidity levels in the skin. And its method is:[3]how to prepare:Cut the lemon into thick slices, then put a drop of honey on a lemon slice.The lemon gently rubs the whole face.Rinse the face with warm water ten minutes after applying the mask.Repeat several times a week as needed.Green tea leavesGreen tea can clean the pores, brighten the skin color and wash the face at the same time. And its method is:[3]ingredients:One teaspoon of chopped green tea leaves.Adequate amount of water to make a paste.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients to make a paste, then rub the blackheads for 5 minutes.Wash your face with lukewarm water.Raw honeyHoney contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that make a medicine for many diseases, including olive, and its method is:[3]how to prepare:Mix a tablespoon of raw honey, with a lemon juice.Check the olive of the mixture for fifteen minutes.The face rinses with warm water and the moisturizer is placed.Repeated twice a week.Stick toothpaste and saltThis mixture is available in every house and has an effective effect in the treatment of blackheads. And its method is:[3]How to prepare:

Mix a teaspoon of table salt with toothpaste.Wash the face.Rub the skin for one minute.Rinse the face with warm water.Mash and honey maskThis mixture is effective in removing ISMAN. And its method is:[3]ingredients:Spoon flour.A little honey.how to prepare:Mix a tablespoon of flour with honey until a paste forms.The mixture is placed on the olive for 20 minutes.The skin is washed with warm water.Raw honey with coconutThis method is also effective in getting rid of Ziwan, and its method is:[3]how to prepare:Mix a tablespoon of raw honey with coconut oil.The mixture is placed on the olive, or all over the face, and left for 15 minutes.Rinse with warm water.Repeat the method daily.Medical treatments for the oliveTraditional treatments can have its result, but the doctor’s treatment is clear and guaranteed, and among these treatments: [1]Prescriptions of medicines; These medicines are disbursed by a doctor affected by vitamin A.Willow acid (salaslik); This is a good product; Because it kills bacteria, removes dead skin cells and dries the oils with the skin.Special tool; Dermatologists or skin specialists use a special tool, which is a round loop to remove blackheads, after making a sm

all opening in its head.Microdermaprancy Medical Supplies, this treatment in which the doctor is used, or a skin care specialist, a special tool that contains a rough surface to extract the upper layers of the skin, as it removes the skin that causes blackheads (olive).Chemical peeling; Chemical peeling is the removal of dead skin, opening the pores during peeling, which is a strong chemical solution on the skin, and over time, the top layers of the skin are peeled off and detect a smoother skin under it.Laser and light therapy; Laser is used for light treatments, to reduce oil and kill bacteria, without damaging the upper layers of the skin.Tips for reducing ziwanWe can prevent blackheads without spending a lot of money, by following these tips, including:[2]Wash the skin regularly; It is advisable to wash the face when waking up from sleep, and before going to sleep to remove oil accumulation, and the skin can be used by spraying the face so that we do not give the opportunity to appear the black head on the face and His method: Boils a quantity of water in a bowl, and then the head is lightly placed on the bowl to put the bakery on the face; In other words, about 15-20 minutes t

o open the pores, allowing the oil to be easily removed from the face, which is the main cause of the existence of olive.Moisturizing the skin with a moisturizer, which contains vitamins and essential nutrients to preserve a beautiful skin, to avoid dehydration and blockage.Use | natural herbs: daily use of natural herbal supplements helps restore the internal balance of the hormonal system, eliminate toxins, maintain the digestive system and blood circulation necessary to maintain skin health.Cleanse the skin with a deep wash, which gets rid of acne-causing bacteria, and the problem of blocked pores, and is used on damp skin for 2-3 minutes.Use the protection cream, which contains vitamins and nutrients, which keep the skin healthy, after five minutes of face wash to ensure the skin completely dry.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Ways to remove the Ziwan

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