Ways to slim the face

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Ways to slim the face – “Contents1 found the face2 ways to eliminate the faceShape of the faceOur faces are a mirror of our health and our internal feelings, so we give it a lot of attention and care, and we are always eager to preserve their shape and freshness, especially women, and if the cause is genetically or physically, there are some People who have a full face and want to get rid of it.Ways to undermine the faceThere are a set of ways by which you can make the face thinner, namely:Monitor the body weightIf the cause of the full face is the extra weight, in this case, you must work to lose accumulated and excess fat in the body, which will also result in the loss of fat calories that enter the body and make sure to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals, and avoid foods full of sugar and fat, and care must be taken in exercise, which will refine and sculpt the body, and avoid the Problem of sagging skin.Drink plenty of fluids, especially water or natural juices unpleasant, as this will reduce the percentage of salts that cause the retention of body fluids, leading to its swelling, especially to sodium.Doing facial exercisesThe face is like the rest of the organs, it contains a numb

2 Ways to slim the face

er of muscles, counting to fifty muscles, and therefore these muscles need exercise, to be tightened and polished, to give the face a beautiful and healthy shape, and from these exercises the following:Do the term English letters (x) and (o), which will allow the facial muscles to develop and contractions, because the movement of the muscles leads to burn extra fat, contributing to the loss of the face.Make the mouth to the maximum, then close it and wait a few seconds, then reopen and close it, and so on, where this exercise should be repeated three times a day, and each time the mouth is opened and closed thirty times.One of the exercises that exercise the facial muscles is chewing gum, but it should be noted the need to chew gum without sugar.Yoga exercises are not limited only to the body, but also extend to the face, as the exercise is done by directing the face to the ground, and taking the inhale and exhale, which would improve the shape of the face.Slimming the face by relying on makeupIn case the makeup is applied to the face of the right and proper shape, it will highlight the features of beauty in the face, and the makeup can help to undermine the face, following the fol

lowing steps:The use of Blasher on the cheek bones, which would deceive the viewer that the face is thinner than it is.The use of contour technology, which depends on the principle of light and shadow, is used light colors on areas to highlight and dark colors to hide areas where some defects.Shape and identify the eyebrows, because the arrogant eyebrows are the best for the owners of the full face.Using a concealer or a corrector, to hide the darkness under the eye.Avoid dark lipstick colors and focus only on light colors.There are certain types of face sculpting creams available, but they can be expensive.Was the article helpful?

Ways to slim the face

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