Ways to strengthen and lengthen nails

1 Eat the dietary biotin supplement

Ways to strengthen and lengthen nails – “Contents1 Eat the dietary biotin supplement2 Home Recipes Application3 Video on the treatment to break the nails4 ReferencesTaking a dietary biotin supplementSeveral studies have shown that taking dietary supplements containing biotin””, which is one of the vitamin B”” has strengthened the strength and thickness of the nails, and reduced its exposure to cracking and breaking, [1] In addition to the supplements, the Biotin is naturally available in brewer’s yeast and the thickness of sardines, boiled eggs, nuts, whole grains, beans, soybeans, bananas, broccoli and mushrooms. [2]Home recipe applicationThere are many home recipes that help strengthen nails and increase their length, including:EggshellEggshell is an effective home recipe to improve nail growth; It contains a high percentage of elements that improve strength and protect nails, such as iron (folic acid), calcium, protein and minerals; Like potassium and magnesium, eggshell is used by grinding it in the electric blender, then mixing it with almonds, flaxseed, American walnuts, mixing the ingredients until they become powder and eat a teaspoon of mixture with hot milk for a month to get satisfactory results. [3]GarlicGarl

2 Home recipes application

ic is widely used to treat many health problems; For its anti-parasite properties, microbes and tumors, according to a study published in 2014 after Several minutes, or grinding a few cloves of garlic together to assemble on a paste, apply the paste to the nails for 5 minutes before washing, repeat the method for a week to get satisfactory results. [3]Lemon juice and sea saltAmong the recipes that help to lengthen and strengthen the nails are a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of sea salt, adding half a liter of warm water, and two drops of essential oils or petals can be added to the mixture to improve to improve the smell, then mix the ingredients, soak and dip the nails in the mixture for about fifteen minutes before rinsing, apply moisturizer or nutrient oil and repeat the mixture every day for two weeks to get strong and healthy nails.Olive oil, eggs and honeyFour tablespoons of warm olive oil can be mixed, not very hot, with two tablespoons of honey, an egg, move the mixture well, then soak the nails for a period of ten minutes to a quarter of an hour before rinsing it with Warm water only without using soap and repeat the recipe twice a week for a period of two or

3 video about the treatment for breaking nails

three weeks for satisfactory results.Video on the treatment of nail breakageTo learn more important information about nail breakage and its treatment, watch the following video:the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Ways to strengthen and lengthen nails

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