Ways to tighten hands

1 Ways to tighten hands

Ways to tighten hands – ” Contents1 ways to tighten the hands2 referencesWays to tighten the handsSome people suffer from hand flabs, which occur for several reasons, including aging, as the skin may lose its elasticity in addition to increasing the accumulation of fat in the body and rapid weight loss; And since flabs affect the external appearance of the body, some people may look for ways to get rid of them, so it is advisable to do exercise that targets the muscles of the hands, such as; The three-mentioned muscles, the double-headed muscle,[1] among the most important of these exercises are the following:Exercise of the body muscle wrapThis exercise helps to tighten the arm and increase the strength of the arm by targeting the two-headed muscle, and this exercise can be performed by following these steps:[2]Stand up straight with your feet spaced at hip width.Leave your hands at your sides with the hands of the hands in front.Download weights into each hand, then begin to raise the hands slowly until the forearm approaches the chest area.Turn the hands to the sides and the back straight and the stomach should be held.Exercise of bribesThis explains what comes in the correct way: [3]Stand straight and

spit the feet by the width of the shoulders while carrying weights in each hand.Pay the hips so that the top part forms a 45 degree angle with the ground and keep the back wiping the abdominal muscles.Put your hands at your sides, then begin to extend them back to tighten the muscle at three heads.Bend the elbows and slowly reduce the weights to return to the starting position.Punch ExercisePunching is quickly and repeatedly one of the exercises that help tighten the arms and shoulders, and can be performed by following these steps: [2]Stand up straight with feet hip-width apart with a slight bend in the knees.Bend your arms 90 degrees at the elbow and lift them in front of your face.Start the right arm forward until it becomes a straight line and the palm of the hand should be toward the ground, then the right arm returns to the starting position.Repeat the third step on the left arm.ArmThis exercise is a simple and easy exercise that beginners can perform, and this exercise helps to strengthen the biceps and three heads, in addition to strengthening the shoulders and back, and it can be performed by following these steps: [2]Stand straight with the spacing of the feet with the w

idth of the shoulders.Stretch your arms out to your right sides and parallel to the floor.Start rotating the arms forward with small circular movements without moving the elbow or wrist, and repeat it 20 times.The direction of rotation and repetition changes 20 times, and it should be noted that the intensity of the exercise can be increased by carrying weights in the hands or increasing the speed of the arms.RaiseThis exercise is one of the chest exercises, but it also targets the three-headed muscle, and it can be performed by following these steps: [1]Walk along the floor so that the face is facing the floor.Put the palms of the hands on the floor and diverge them with the width of the shoulders, and touch the toes to the floor, so that the body weight is on the hands and toes.Start by lowering the body until the chest approaches the floor, and this step should take place during the inhalation.Pay the body up from the starting position and remove the air by exhalation, then the exercise is repeated several times.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Ways to tighten hands

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