Ways to tighten the flabby body

1 division of meals

Ways to tighten the flabby body – ” Contents1 Meal division2 Eating balanced foods3 Exercise4 cosmetic operations5 referencesDivision of mealsTo keep a tight body without sagging, it is best to divide the three main meals, into six small meals, which are consumed daily every two or three hours, because the recurrence of the food process reduces the feeling of hunger and increases the metabolism rate, to burn more fat accumulated in the body, so it is advisable by dividing breakfast, lunch and dinner into six steps of the same amount without any increase. [1]Eating balanced foodsIt is necessary to take care to eat a variety of food, so that it consists of about 25% of calories in carbohydrate-rich sources, about 25% of protein and fat, and estimated 50% of vegetables and fiber, while making sure To choose healthy carbohydrates, such as: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, the choice of fat-free protein, such as: fat-free meat, low dairy products, choice of healthy fats, such as: olive oil and nuts. [ 2]ExerciseThere are a set of sports exercises that can be followed to tighten the flabby body, including the following:Chair Squat ExerciseThis is one of the easy exercises that beginners can start, so stand with your bac

2 Eating balanced food

k facing the chair, spacing between the hips, maintaining the weight focuses on the heel of the feet, then pushing the hips forward, standing directly, Then on the chair and repeating the movement again, the exercise should be divided into three groups, each group consists of 10 to 15 movements. [3]Spitting lungeThe spacing between the feet is the same as the width of the shoulder, with the arms put aside, and the beginning of take a large step back with the left foot, and crossed it diagonally to the right foot, and at the same time, the right hand is placed on the side, jumping to the left, and this exercise should be repeated to each foot otherwise. [4]Cosmetic operationsSurgery that can be performed to tighten the flabby body includes the next series of operations:[5]Stump: involves removing the loose skin from the abdomen.Lower body tightening: removing loose skin from the abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs.Upper body: Remove loose skin from the breasts and back.Middle Thigh Tightening: Remove loose skin from inner and outer thighs.Tightening the arms: Remove loose skin from the upper arms.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 exercise

4 Cosmetic operations

Ways to tighten the flabby body

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