Ways to whiten the body as soon as possible

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Ways to whiten the body as soon as possible – ” Contents1 body whitening2 tips to lighten the body3 medical methods to bleach the body quickly4 natural recipes for quick body whitening5 referencesBody whiteningMany girls dream of having a white body color, to enjoy the summer without fear of burns or skin infections that dark skin color and dark body color result from exposure to the sun, or due to certain medical conditions, environmental pollution, or dry skin, tension and stress, or frequent use of cosmetics that contain a high percentage of chemical compounds, and to unify the body color and whitening time. [1]Tips for lightening the bodyThese are the most important tips that should be taken into consideration to lighten and whiten the skin of the body, namely:[2]Make sure to apply sunscreen on the skin daily, because exposure to sunlight stimulates the body to produce the melanin dye responsible for creating darker body skin, as it causes strikes and problems for the skin, such as dark spots, Freckles, dangerous burns and sometimes skin cancer, and it is best to use sunscreen with the degree of high protection factor (SPF).Stop smoking, as it plays a major role in the appearance of signs of age and early aging, such as wr

2 tips for lightening the body

inkles, fine lines and other smoking-induced damage to the skin.Drinking water at a rate of 6 to 8 cups per day, it works to renew the skin, which helps the disappearance of dull cells and the growth of new ones.Be sure to follow a diet rich in nutrients necessary for the body’s skin, such as vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables; In particular, which contains vitamins E, A and C, and as an alternative to them, you can take nutritional supplements that contain flaxseed oil, grape seed extract or fish oil, which is a rich source of omega -3 necessary for healthy skin , hair and nails, and it is best to avoid a lot of calories rich in fatty foods.Standing on the attention to the skin is always cleaning and peeling, as it is advisable to clean the skin once in the morning and once in the evening to get rid of oils and dirt, in addition to the permanent moisture of the skin, while peeling is preferred to do more than once a week to remove dead skin cells to lighten and whiten the skin.Medical ways to whiten the body quicklyThese are the most important ways that dermatologists can resort to whitening and lightening the skin as soon as possible:[3]Use whitening creams, but you sh

3 medical methods to whiten the body quickly

ould stay away from creams containing hydroquinone or mercury; Because it can damage the skin and cause dehydration, as this can lead to early aging and wrinkles.With the help of arbotin cream, extracted from a bearberry plant, and works to effectively whiten the skin of the body, as well as get rid of related spots and sunburns.The use of retinol is the natural form of vitamin A, which is used to treat skin lesions, and helps retinol to stimulate skin division, which leads to regeneration and exfoliation of the skin, as it encourages increased collagen production and divisional activity, relieves wrinkles and whitens the skin.The use of the whitening serum, which contains 70% of the active ingredients, which reaches deep into the skin layers, so that the skin restores its moisture and flexibility, and it also relieves excess oils.Microdermrabrancy, exact exfoliation, where a piece of wood is used in which the skin is removed; to eliminate dead and damaged cells and unwanted dark spots.Skin peeling of the body (English: dermabray), where a special tool is used to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin, in addition to what reduces the appearance of acne and dark spots.Chemical peeli

4 Natural recipes for body whitening quickly

ng which depends on the use of exfoliation solutions such as alpha hydroxy acid, and this type of peeling is most preferred for its effectiveness with collapsing and brightening body skin, in addition to getting rid of pigmentation and various skin blemishes.Eat oral vitamin C or take it topically on the body skin, it is a natural alternative to skin whitening preparations, as it makes the skin more flexible, gets rid of its problems and makes it brighter.Natural recipes for quick body bleachingMixture of sugar and olive oilThis mixture whitens the body in a week. [4]IngredientsHalf a cup of coarse white sugar.Two tablespoons of instant yeast.Half a cup of lemon juice.1 tablespoon of olive oil.How to prepare and useThe sugar, yeast and lemon juice are well mixed with each other.Add the olive oil mixture gradually until a firm dough is obtained.The paste is placed on a wet object and massaged into the areas to be lightened, for 15 minutes.Then the body is washed with warm water and dried, and this is repeated daily for a week to obtain a white body.Mixture of egg yolk, olive oil and bananaThis mixture is prepared by the following method: [5]IngredientsOne egg yolk.Three tablespoons

of olive oil.One banana.How to prepare and useMix the ingredients well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.The mixture is placed on the body and left for half an hour.Wash the body with cold water and dry well.Mixture of glycerin and powder for childrenThis mixture whitens the body within three days, use before going to sleep (at night). [6]IngredientsOne small can of liquid glycerin.6 tablespoons of baby powder.The cream moisturizes the body and the glyles preferably.4 tablespoons of pure petroleum jelly.6 tablespoons of rose water.3 tablespoons of castor oil.4 tablespoons of sweet almond oil.Repair the cream.Half a cup of water.Spoon of starch.How to prepare and useMix equal amounts of moisturizer, glycerin and xv.Add the children’s powder to the previous ingredients and leave the mixture.Mix the water with rose water and starch in a bowl, then put on low heat to get a homogeneous consistency and set aside until it cools.After that, castor oil is mixed with petroleum jelly and sweet almond oil and left aside.Finally, all materials are mixed in a bowl and placed in the refrigerator.The mixture is placed at night on a body moistened with cold water, especially dark places with

it, leave them for 10 minutes, then wear clothes.Mixture of lemon juice and starchThis mixture is prepared by the following method:[7]ingredientsHalf a cup of lemon juice.4 tablespoons of cornstarch.How to prepare and useMix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the body and left to dry completely.After that, wash the body with warm water and dry.It is recommended to repeat the mixture 4 times a week to get the results.Milk and rose water mixtureThis mixture is prepared by the following method: [8]IngredientsTwo cups of liquid milk.One cup of rose water.Soap.How to prepare and useMix the ingredients well.Sprinkle the soap on the mixture, put the fire until it boils until it is homogeneous, then let it cool.Then, the mixture is placed on the body, focusing on the dark areas.Leave on the body for 20 minutes, then wash the body with the spa and dry.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Ways to whiten the body as soon as possible

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