What are the benefits of body fat with olive oil

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What are the benefits of body fat with olive oil – ” Contents1 olive oil2 olive oil for hearing problems3 It can protect against heart disease4 olive oil for the skin5 General benefits for olive oil6 ReferencesOlive oilPure olive oil has become the best for many people in therapeutic recipes because of its nutritional value, health and wellness; As it has effective health effects that fight and kill diseases, many also use it in beauty recipes and skin preservation; Its richness in fatty acids and vitamin, which in turn resists the roots responsible for cellular aging, to get good results and kindness that satisfies the user.Olive oil contains chlorvic; It is the colored material responsible for the coloring of plants in green and Ecotonphilus, the yellow colored material responsible for the conversion of green plants to yellow in the fall.Olive oil for hearing problemsOlive oil helps to reduce hearing disorders that occur from the defect that affects the audio cells or microorganisms that send electrical signals to the brain, so do not work if necessary, causing poor hearing and imbalance in the ability to clearly determine the words and More distinct, especially when they are there, and hearing disorders can increase in the elder

2 olive oil for hearing impairment

ly; To reduce the effectiveness of nerve cells and microscopy inside the ear, high and boring sounds become more harmful.There are some genetic factors that cause hearing disorders, and some antibiotics cause damage to the inner ear if used for long periods of time, and without consulting a doctor, as well as taking doses of aspirin negatively affects the hearing process by blocking the corridor in front of the sound vibrations, which is one of the most cases that leads to hearing loss of different ages.And the relief of hearing disorders is to massage the temples, and behind the ears of olive oil, lemon and ginger, and wear a absorbent cotton wet with warm olive oil, and it is placed in the ear from evening to morning for a week per day per day .It can protect from heart diseaseThe use of oil on people with many diseases helps, which has helped to protect against heart disease, such as stroke, in addition to the brain. [1]Olive oil for the skinOlive oil has many benefits when used on the skin, including:Possessing antioxidant properties.As olive oil contains an antioxidant molawin, which helps it prevent the formation or get rid of damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. [2]It con

3 It may protect from heart disease

tains many vitamins and mineralsOlive oil contains vitamins dissolved in fat, which include the following vitamins: [3]Vitamin A.Vitamin K.Vitamin D.Vitamin A.These vitamins help maintain the health of the skin.Its antibacterial propertiesOlive oil has anti-bacterial properties, and this characteristic can help speed up the healing of foot ulcers for people with diabetes.Skin moisturizing propertiesOlive oil has moisturizing skin properties, which also soften the skin and hair.General benefits of olive oilOlive oil helps to treat chronic skin infections and skin ulcers, and this is by taking a cup of olive oil with half a cup of tea tree oil, mixed well, then rubbing the cracks, chronic infections and ulcers.Doctors recommend people suffering from sleep anxiety by drinking a cup boiled fennel, mint and cumin, he added a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning and evening.Olive oil helps to reduce the large number of movements in children, children and anxiety calm and soul; This applies the whole body before bed with olive oil.Osteoporosis is a widespread disease, which is a rapid reduction in bone mass, and it occurs for women after menopause; For the lack of estrogen in the body,

4 olive oil for the skin

there is osteoporosis that affects women in old age and occurs as a natural result of aging, and in men and women, and this type is found there gradually in bone mass.Headaches that affect young people as a result of the presence of active electrical focus in the brain come from the amount of oxygen during childbirth, and their exposure to the fall on the head in the early childhood stages, and the lack of discovery of them Cases increase early repeated headaches, and that adults suffer from it as a result of an exposing, fatigue or sleep or increase, and this may result from head injuries as a result of a traffic accident or fall from high places that lead to a concussion in the brain, then the headache follows him for several weeks, and to relieve these cases, he uses olive oil with lemon, and rubs well the head, the front and behind the ears, which treats the reason that causes headaches.Reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, massaging the whole body daily, before sleeping, massaging the head and scalp with olive oil is a strong massage per day twice and mix three tablespoons of olive oil with two tablespoons of raw walnut earth, With three tablespoons of honey, taken in th

e morning and evening an hour before eating, as this will eliminate Alzheimer’s disease, be careful not to eat food and cook in aluminum utensils that help spread Alzheimer’s disease.Acne affects areas of the skin in which sebaceous glands abound; Such as the face, scalp, shoulders, neck, chest and what girls are most infected, but the treatment is to massage the skin daily with olive oil and lemon three times.Olive oil is distinguished with the acid needed for bones during the period of growth, and to reduce fractures, and to strengthen bone density, the bones are massaged to which ginger oil is added three times a day and the massage lasts Half an hour, and a tablespoon is removed before breakfast, and it is desirable when the child is born to massage his body with olive oil, wrap well for 12 hours, and the process is repeated three bone coincidences and the body throughout life.It helps to relieve cracking skin, when adding to castor oil, and nigella oil, and apply it to cracks with cracks.the reviewerWas the article useful?

What are the benefits of body fat with olive oil

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