What are the benefits of crystal peeling

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What are the benefits of crystal peeling – ” Contents1 peeling with crystal2 benefits of peeling with crystal3 How to do Christian peeling4 referencesCrystal peelingCrystal peeling is one of the latest innovative treatments, as it works to remove the surface layers of the skin, by spraying the outer skin surface with precise crystalline molecules under a certain pressure, which helps to exfoliate and get rid of the damaged and dead cells in a safe and painful way, which restores the skin the smoothness of its texture of its freshness and vitality, as it stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which stimulates the production of new cells and uses a crystal peel on the face and neck areas, as it is not used in cases that require deep exfoliation. [1]Benefits of crystal peelingOf these benefits:[2]It treats coarse skin.It lightens dark skin spots and pigmentation, such as walking and melasma.It reduces the signs of wrinkles, especially soft lines.Large pores are small.It hides the scar and removes its surface effects.It improves the absorption of medications used for skin treatments.It cleanses the grease that accumulates in the pores of the skin, making the skin healthier.It moisturizes the dry skin by using auxiliary cream

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s after the exfoliation session.How to do Christian peelingIt is important before starting the process of crystal peeling, to make an initial examination of the skin, with the aim of determining the purpose of the process and take a clear idea of the health status of the woman, so that the doctor can Determine the list of warnings and medications that are prohibited during the period of peeling, and the peeling of crystals is usually performed in clinics specializing in skin diseases, and the doctor determines the appropriate amount of crystal tablet according to the type of skin and the extent of its response to treatment, and the crystal peeling usually requires several sessions ranging from (5-10) sessions, separating the session and its predecessor for nearly a week, and the duration of each session between a quarter to half an hour, depending on à What the doctor determines based on what is determined by the condition tests in his hands. [3]The exfoliation of Kurdish molecules does not need any kind of anesthesia, whether local or otherwise, it only causes a slight discomfort whose degree differs from woman to woman, and it usually causes redness of the skin that disappears li

3 How to make Christian peeling

ttle in a few hours After the peeling process, and one of the most important things that distinguishes it from other types of peeling, that it is no side effects, and is suitable for all different skin types, except for the lack of certain warnings, so there is no objection to the use of makeup the day after the peeling, and the results can be observed quickly after the first session, but it is advisable to continue the institutions for a more effective result. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

What are the benefits of crystal peeling

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