What are the benefits of snow for the skin

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What are the benefits of snow for the skin – ” Contents1 Snow2 The benefits of snow for the skin3 snow to eliminate exhaustion4 referencesSnowSnow is the term that is called frozen water, and the ice can be easily obtained by distributing a quantity of water in the designated vessels for bullying, and placing it in the refrigerator in the freezing and waiting part until it freezes completely, and then it is used Immediately after removing it from the vessels, and snow cubes are mainly used in cooling water and juices in our daily life, especially in the summer, but what we do not know about snow is that it is a term that is called all kinds of fluid when freezing, not just water, and for all kinds of all kinds of aesthetic benefits that can not be counted on the skin with health, beauty and radiance. [1]The benefits of snow for the skinAmong the following benefits of snow: [2]Reduce sweating: snow works to reduce the percentage of sweating of the face to a very large extent, and this is by applying a clean cotton towel and well wet with water, in the refrigerator, until it freezes and hardens, then placed on the face for a period of less than ten minutes, then put it on the appropriate sunscreen for the skin before going out,

2 The benefits of snow for the skin

to enjoy the skin without sweating, especially in the time of extreme heat.Activating blood circulation: passing the ice cubes on the skin works continuously to renew skin cells, tighten the skin and stimulate blood circulation.Makeup: the snow is used as a makeup fix by passing an ice cube on the skin before applying the foundation cream, then you will get a calm skin, distinctive colors and truth of makeup.It benefits oily skin: snow cubes of a special type can be made for people with oily skin, because this quality helps to solve oily skin problems in an excellent way.This is done by boiling a quantity of mint, adding a few drops of lemon to the mixture, distributing it in ice molds and fixing them in the refrigerator until they freeze, then we pass the ice cubes on all the oily skin, especially the face, because these cubes purify, filter and get rid of oily skin.Snow to eliminate fatigueWe need to eliminate signs of fatigue of the face, especially the area under the eye, which are the most areas of fatigue and stress, to ice cubes in rose water, and to make these cubes we need rose water, a little sweet almond oil, a third of a grated option, and the way to prepare them is by

3 Snow to remove exhaustion

mixing the cucumber, oil, rose water and distributed on the molds for snow, then placed in the part of the gel in the refrigerator and left until they crack Completely, the cubes are removed from the molds, and then they are transmitted over the entire face with emphasis on the area under the eyes, and this process is repeated for a period of less than ten minutes, and the result of these cubes is proud, because it rids the skin of all signs of fatigue and tiredness that it appears, especially after a long day of exhausting work. [3]ReferenceWas the article useful?

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What are the benefits of snow for the skin

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