What are the benefits of starch for the skin

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What are the benefits of starch for the skin – ” Contents1 starch2 benefits of starch for the skin3 video mixture of starch and rose water for the face4 referencesStarchStarch (corn flour) is one of the basic components that enter many uses, and its presence in the world of cooking and the preparation of delicious and popular recipes; For it has great importance that benefits the hair, skin and body in general, and many natural preparations are made of the beauty of the skin, its shine and preservation of external factors, and we will mention in our article the importance of starch and its benefits to the skin. [1]Benefits of starch for the skinThere are many benefits for starch that benefit the skin, including:[2]Starch tightens the skin and get rid of fine lines and premature aging symptoms, and it also has a great effectiveness to whiten it; Mix two tablespoons of rose water and white egg with one tablespoon of flower water, once the mixture is homogeneous, gradually add two tablespoons of starch and mix well, then put the resulting mixture on your damaged skin and leave it for twenty minutes, then, then, then Rinse your face with warm water.It treats infections resulting from pimples and removing unwanted hair, add one tabl

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espoon of starch in half a cup of cold water and wipe well, then add three tablespoons of rose water to the mixture, put the resulting mixture on your infections and leave it for twenty minutes, then wash your skin with cold water.Peel the skin in a natural and effective way, and get rid of the accumulated dead skin and dirt, which works to soften it, add a tablespoon of rose water and the amount of a tablespoon of starch to half a cup of water, hot the mixture On the fire and stir constantly so that it becomes a gel, then put the mixture in an empty bottle in the refrigerator and use it before rinsing your face or before washing on the body, apply it to the areas to be treated and leave it for A short time until it dries, then rub it well and using gently the tips of your fingers and with circular motions, then wash your skin with cold water. [3]Starch shrinks large pores and rid them of sediment and impurities, and this is done by making a mixture consisting of a tablespoon of warm water in addition to a tablespoon of starch, mix the mixture well and leave it aside, then grease your skin with a small amount of olive oil, then apply the starch mixture on the place of the greasy ol

3 video starch mixture and rose water for the face

ive oil, leave it for thirty minutes, then rinse your skin with lukewarm water and then with cold water, continue applying this recipe, which makes you get the desired results as soon as possible.It nourishes the skin of the hands and helps to fatten them, whiten them and give them a soft glow; Where you can mix two tablespoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of yeast, one tablespoon of starch and two tablespoons of oats in addition to a quart of liquid milk, after finishing the mixture well, apply it on the hands for half an hour and Then wash them with lukewarm water, repeat this process in a way daily for a full month.Mixture of video starch and rose water for the facethe reviewerWas the article useful?

What are the benefits of starch for the skin

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