What are the benefits of the sun for the body

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What are the benefits of the sun for the body – ” Contents1 sunlight2 The benefits of sunlight3 sun damage4 ways to prevent sunlightthe sunDespite the benefits that the sun offers to the earth and other planets, as it is also accustomed to the many benefits of the human body, many types of rays are emitted by the sun to the earth, some of which harm a person and cause him many problems and diseases such as violet rays, including what is beneficial and benefits for the health of the human body, and helps to treat various diseases, we will mention below the benefits of the sun for the body and their damage.The benefits of sunlightMaintaining the level of vitamin D, as it is the main source of it, and vitamin D plays a very important role in bone health and calcium absorption in the body.Sunlight supports better sleep and controls body clock rhythms for people by organizing serotonin and melatonin levels.It helps to reduce the causes of high cholesterol in the body and prevent heart disease resulting from high levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood.Improve the immune system and thus protect the body from infection by many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.Protection against dental pain.Improve me

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ntal health and reduce the chances of stress, anxiety and depression.Improving the efficiency and health of the nervous system.Damage the sunThe violet rays that the release of the sun causes burns in the skin, as well as atrophy of the stained tissues, which leads to the curls of the skin, the occurrence of malignant tumors in the skin, as well as infection by many diseases, including: skin cancer and eye diseases; This causes damage to the lens of the eye, sunburn that can lead to fainting and headaches, and the appearance of signs of premature aging, such as wrinkles skin.Ways to block sunlightWear light-colored clothing, especially white sleeves and long sleeves.Wear a large head covering for the edges, preferring to be light colors.Avoid wearing black; this is due to its ability to collect falling rays with high efficiency, which leads to increased body temperature.Eat enough water during the summer; This is to compensate for the fluids lost during the day due to sweating.Wearing sunglasses.Swimming daily; To cool the body.Using a sunscreen with an appropriate protection lab.Exposure to the sun’s rays at times of early morning; This is to take advantage of its benefits and avo

3 sun damage

id direct exposure to the sun’s rays at noon in necessary cases; Indeed, the sun is vertical on the ground.Was the article useful?

4 Ways to prevent sunlight

What are the benefits of the sun for the body

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