What are the benefits of vinegar for the body

1 promoting heart health

What are the benefits of vinegar for the body – “Contents1 Promoting heart health2 Anti-inflammatories and microbes3 Controlling blood sugar4 Improving the absorption of calisium5 ReferencesPromoting heart healthVinegar strives to support heart health in many different methods, according to the Journal of Food Science, because polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid are rich in apple cider vinegar, can prevent the oxidation of harmful cholesterol and thus protects against cardiovascular disease, in the In addition, one study proved that vinegar can reduce blood cholesterol levels in laboratory mice, while another study conducted on rats found that acetic acid in vinegar helps reduce blood pressure. [1]Anti-inflammatory and microbialVinegar was first used by Hippocrates, who was recommended to use vinegar to clean wounds and sores; Indeed, vinegar contains acetic acid, so the uncomplicated vinegar can be used to effectively clean teeth, and research has proved that the effectiveness of vinegar reduced in the treatment of external ear infection, otitis media and ritual granulitis, and vinegar is also used in folk Remedies, such as: Treatment of nail fungus, warts, and head lice, and although there is no scientific evidence to prove t

2 anti -inflammatory and microbes

he effectiveness of vinegar in folk remedies. [2]Blood sugar controlVinegar strives to control blood sugar, studies have shown that vinegar helps to reduce blood sugar after eating 64% compared to the effectiveness of traditional medicines, and it also helped to improve insulin sensitivity after eating by 34% in people with type diabetes. [2]Improved calisium absorptionVinegar contains acetic acid, which helps to improve the absorption of minerals more effectively than food, so vinegar is considered useful for women who have trouble getting calcium for their bones, and it is also suitable for people who suffer from lactose sensitivity, so it is recommended to add vinegar to salads; Because it facilitates the absorption of calcium from green food, because it contains substances that make it difficult for the body to absorb. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Control of blood sugar levels

4 Calisium absorption enhancement

What are the benefits of vinegar for the body

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