What are the causes of dry body?

1 dry body

What are the causes of dry body? – ” Contents1 dry body2 inner body dehydration or dehydration3 external dryness or dry skinDrynessThe human body is exposed to certain problems, the most important of which is dehydration, and this dehydration is divided into external dryness, which affects the skin and skin, internal dryness or dehydration so called and it is caused by the loss of several body fluids as a result of disease, and in both cases the treatment must be found in the fastest possible form, because the cells need water in order to perform their various functions without sufficient amount of water, they will be infected with imbalance or can reach their death.In this article, we will show the reasons of the external dryness of the body and the internal dryness of the body.Internal dehydration of the body or dehydrationDryness affects the body when it loses water and amounts of salts without compensation, which leads to disruption of water balance in the body, and dehydration can affect young and old, and the symptoms of dryness appear in the form of severe thirst and dryness in the mouth, a feeling of dizziness, loss of consciousness, fatigue, high heart rate and decline in the area of fontanels in the head,

2 inner dehydration of the body or dehydration

and the amount of sweating and the amount of urination decreases.The reasons that lead to the dry bodyHigh body temperature.Increased body activity in the light of high air temperature.Repeated vomiting.Severe and repeated diarrhea.Not drinking water for long periods of time.Stress significantly due to urinary tract infections.Take a lot of diuretic medication, especially those with diabetes.The body has burns over large areas, resulting in the loss of fluids from most parts.External dehydration or dry skinThe layer of skin in the skin needs fluids continuously to maintain its moisture, and when the percentage of fluid decreases, this appears in the form of cracking in the skin and redness, and the exit of scales with blood in some cases .Causes of dry skinUse soap and cleanser that contains many chemicals.The great exposure to the harmful sun, because the ultraviolet rays lead to dehydration or exposure to severe cold and dry air.Infection by certain diseases, such as diabetes, as high blood sugar levels lead to properly deactivated blood flow and increased urination, or due to thyroid problems.Take certain types of medications that cause a dry layer of the body.Loss of various nu

3 outer dryness or dry skin

trients by the body as a result of malnutrition, and the most important elements of vitamin A.Exposure to substances that cause allergies and irritation to the skin.Use hot water to wash the body.Age; As the rate of skin production is less, which shows it dry most of the time.Was the article useful?

What are the causes of dry body?

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