What are the damage to the cold of the teeth

What are the damage to the cold of the teeth – “Maybe you have sipped a large dose of cold drinks and fell from the pain caused by the cold for your teeth, or you inhaled the air on a cold day and felt a tremor Enjoy a cup of hot tea without that annoying pain, which forced you to sprinkle each sip, if any of these cases sound familiar, then you can be with us in this case as soon as the allergy of the teeth.There are many reasons for discomfort, explains Mark S. Wolf, DDS, PhD, head of the Department of Dental Protection and Comprehensive Care at New York University College: – When you create the structure or root for one or more of the exposed teeth, which usually covered with gum tissue, this layer only underneath – the root – it contains millions of small tubes – the vector of sensation – each is connected to the nerve end, and when the unprotected tubes are left as a result of the lowering of the gums or erosion of the enamel, then problems begin to appear, and this is the result of gum decline, or tooth grinding, and the same goes for following a diet that contains a high amount of acidic drinks, or you are an over-drainable people when using a toothbrush, which can leave all your ivory roots – vulnerable to risk.Poor too

th brushing is the main cause of this drawback for many people, Wolf explains. “The hard strokes that are directed at the gum tissue as well as the enamel layer that covers the teeth, leaves each little ivory tube vulnerable to whatever comes in external contact with it – cold, hot, soft or hard.”Your favorite drinks can also cause a big problem, something that contains a high level of acid level – soft drinks, coffee, tea and juice almost all, wine and many popular energy drinks – can exacerbate enamel erosion and a feeling of discomfort, and Wolf says warn that you should be careful with flavored substances, which can be citric acid and show problems while continuing to eat drinks such as eating lemon juice daily or those that eat it as a kind of pickles and normally.Ivory can also get angry – cheerful – if you are crushing on the materials of tooth whitening agents, which contain hard ingredients to strip the stains, and unfortunately, it can leave the ivory with a thin layer of enamel, which leaves us at risk of pain.When you suffer from severe sensitivity, you can talk to your dentist. There are simple solutions that help, such as spraying a thin layer on your teeth, and this

does not have a long-term effect, but it reduces the pain you feel now .Video on the treatment of tooth sensitivityFor more information, we recommend watching a video in which dentist Hind Al -fayez talks about the treatment of tooth sensitivity.Was the article useful?

What are the damage to the cold of the teeth

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