What are the diseases that affect nails

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What are the diseases that affect nails – ” Contents1. Introduction2 What is the nail3 Nail diseases and problems4 Among the most important causes of nail failureAn introductionالأظافر هي التي تحمي نسيج أصابع اليد والقدم، وفي الغالب فإن صحة الأظافر تعكس الحالة الصحية للشخص، لكن هناك الكثير من الأمراض والمشاكل التي تصيب الأظافر، لكن لمعالجة هذه الأمراض والمشاكل يجب أن نتعرف على أسبابها، فكثير من أمراض الأظافر ناجمة عن التغيرات في حياة شخص What.In this article, I will explain some of the common nail diseases and their problems, and we will be exposed to the general problems that many people are available, and we discuss their symptoms and treatments needed to get rid of these diseases.What is the nailThe nail consists of adjacent pages of skin origin, and these pages are attached to the edge of the leather, as it begins with the root of the nail that dips below the tip of the nail we see, and then ends with the front of the finger.Diseases and problems of nailNail splittingThis is a split that affects the nail plate to take the form of horizontal cobbled paint, and these plates start from the free piece, and this split causes a disruption in the adjacent cells. This problem is very common in people. Among the most important

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reasons for this problem are: the use of musical instruments, such as: piano and string machines. of the hands, as well as due to the use of nail polish for women, and anemia can lead to anemia to the occurrence of this defection. Treatment of these divisions, as well as hot olive baths are a good processor for this problem.NailsThe nail is often gone from the nail bed, and the jaws may occur in two or three points for the nail, then the disks are all green, blue or black aspects, as a result of the act of germs or yeast, and One or more nails may be infected.Among the most important causes of nail failureThere are topical reasons: the nails are exposed to disintegration due to incidents of bruising on them, planting, stabbing or hitting strange bodies.There are chemical causes: there are chemicals that work to disintegrate the nails, such as: paint stimulant, as well as hot alkaline water and other substances that, once used, lead to the uprooting of the nails.Serious causes: The decay can occur as a result of the object of a bacterial attack on a bacterial attack, or when a person has a deficiency in thyroid activity or the presence of infections around the nails.To treat this di

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sease: the person should avoid joining the nails in exotic solid bodies, and we should not display the nail with water and keep it dry, there are very effective medicines to treat nail disintegration, especially medicines that include drops and special ointments of the cortex, as well as anti-anti and other good medicines.skin diseasesThere is a Cithier of skin diseases that lead to many skin diseases and problems. Among these nail diseases are the resulting skin diseases:Lichen surface: this disease can occur without reason in leather, some signs indicating the existence of this problem appear such as: the presence of random longitudinal grooves on the nail plate, as well as the separation of the nail plate and the occurrence of an atmosphere, and the presence of pigmentation under the nail, and this disease is treated by cortical injections, or anti-muscular aging, which are taken every month or 5 weeks.Psoriasis nails: This problem occurs in psoriasis, and psoriasis appears on the nail patches, with some contrasting clicks and grooves, and their surface can be rough or soft, And to treat this disease, an injection is taken into the nail tissue, as well as taking ointments prescr

4 Among the most important causes of nail breakdown

ibed by the doctor.Fungal nails: an innate disease that affects the nails, caused by the presence of fungal diseases in the body of the affected person, and this disease is treated by fungal antibiotics to which the affected person adheres, such as: ipazulic compounds.Nails TibasIn this disease, the nails take the large form of connection in all their directions, and this is caused by the disorder of the cellular tissue under the skin, and this condition appears in people with cardiovascular disorders and skeletal joint diseases, and in people with deficiency in thyroid starch.BO linesThis is an objected groove that begins from the beginning of the nail and extends to the end at the end of its growth, and this disease occurs as a result of the presence of a growth of the nails when the patient suffers from pulmonary problems such as: the presence of measles, mumps, and this problem also appears of those who have a coronary coagulation, and also appears for those who suffer from cold. This disease is treated with the interest of a person to treat the diseases that cause these lines.Nail tumorsThese tumors can be malignant or benign, and in both cases it occurs in the highest or nail

s, and one of the most important signs that indicate the presence of a person is: the presence of a nail, a disintegration of the nails, a revised bleeding under the nail plates, color change of the nails, feeling of pain of the person and itching in the nail or his sense of a pulse accompanying this tumor. Whether the swelling is healthy or malignant, it needs treatment, so a person who suffers from nail swelling should visit the doctor as soon as possible, often the tumors develop into malignant cancerous tumors.Melanoma disease under the nailIt is considered a rare disease, but one of the most malignant and serious nail tumors; Because it spreads and prevails rapidly and moves and develops quickly, this disease spreads especially in the elderly and often affects the thumb. And the treatment of this disease is to perform the necessary surgeries, when the condition is chronic and can not be treated with ointments or drugs, and that dermatologists confirm that when a person performs continuous and regular monitoring, the possibilities of treatment increase significantly and This sick person can avoid any relapse or cases of accompanying epidemics quickly for this disease.Concert di

sease (spoon nails)In this disease, the whole nail plate is in a limited form, or takes the exceptional form, for example: if some drops of water are placed on this nail with the concavity, these drops do not fall off and that this problem prevails on young children, especially In the first year of their age, and in most cases, then this disease affects more than one finger, and it is rare to infect all fingers, nail plate in this disease is thin, and in many cases, the front of the nails that grow freely.There are many forms of concave nail disease and doctors refer this disease to the presence of an iron element in the body of the affected person, as well as this disease can be created with the newborn for a hereditary cause, and this condition can occur As a result of the knowledge of some people in a somewhat hot atmosphere so that some people are also affected, you can occur when you use chemicals such as detergents, or the use of petroleum products, and also products when the nails are exposed to direct injury, for Example: We can find a car mechanic with a bumpy nail to be exposed to many hits on their nails, as well as shoe manufacturers and others.To treat this condition i

n people with iron problems, they may need to see a doctor to get rid of this problem. As for others, it is best that people stay away from using harmful chemicals with nails and paint removals, and some may need ointments that the doctor prescribes for them, as these are considered effective ointments for treating nail concave.Was the article useful?

What are the diseases that affect nails

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