What are the reasons for the appearance of pills in the back?

1 Reasons for the appearance of pills in the back

What are the reasons for the appearance of pills in the back? – ” Contents1 reasons for the appearance of pills in the back2 The risk of pimples in the back3 prevention4 References ListReasons for the appearance of pills in the backThe reason for the appearance of pills in the back (English: Back-bag) is to block the pores of the skin with oils, dead skin cells and bacteria, that the precise causes of their obstruction were not known, and it is reported that the Acne probionibacterium lives on all our skin without exception, and does not cause it, and does not cause any problems in the majority, but the accumulation of oils on the skin of people exposed to acne can prepare an ideal environment for the multiplication of these bacteria, which in turn lead to infections and the formation of red or pus-filled spots. [1] [2] [2]It should be noted that poor personal hygiene is not a cause of the pills, as well as the appearance of pills in women who have passed adulthood may be related to hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy; [1] [3] as The high level of hormones in the blood leads to the production of glands for excessive amounts of oils, at the same time that block the dead skin cells that do not fall properly follic

2 The risk of pimples in the back

les, and this company leads to the accumulation of oils and thus to the Formation of blackheads and white heads. [2]The risk of pimples appearing on the backSome risk factors can increase the chances of developing pills in the back in individuals who have acne skin, but it is not necessarily that all people who have risk factors must suffer from the appearance of pills in the back, [1] [4 ] and among the common risk factors that its presence can be associated with the appearance of back pills as follows:ageIt is possible to appear pills in individuals of all age groups, but they appear more in the category of adolescents. [1]GeneticsThe chances of back pills increase when one of the parents has suffered from its appearance. [1]DietThe American Academy of Dermores (in English: AmericanAcademy of Dermatologists) indicates that certain carbohydrates such as chips and white bread may be a potential stimulus for the development of acne, by increasing the level of sugar in the blood, while the British Association of British Association of British Association of Dermatologists You see the presence of some evidence that certain foods such as chocolate and fast food may be the cause of acne

3 Prevention

. [2]Skin environmentSkin exposure to high humidity and extreme sweating is one of the factors that contribute to the appearance of pimples in the back, as well as tight clothing and rubbing, or pressure resulting from belts or sports tapes, as well as oil and fat products used in skin care. [1]Other risk factorsThere are many other risk factors that increase the risk of back pills, including the following: [1] [5]Individual factors: As some people have a high opportunity to develop infections and acne in certain areas of their body, some people develop it more in the face area and others in the back area.Smoking: It is indicated that smoking can be associated with acne in general.Tension: Tension can increase the chances of developing back pills, especially in people who have suffered from back pills earlier.Medications: including:Lithium.Corticosteroids.Phenytoin.Anabolic steroids.protectionThe factors that stimulate the appearance of pills in the back can be controlled in people exposed to infection, but they can not be avoided or entirely avoided, and it should be noted that this can be by following a sentence of instructions and instructions as follows: [1 ] [2]quit smoking.Do

not alter the back pills, either in their time or vowel; Because this can lead to its spread and scarring.Generally, clean the skin with mild detergents on the skin and warm water, because hot water can cause skin irritation, which exacerbates the problem of acne.Use products free of perfumes, oils and products that do not cause blockage in the pores (non-comedogenic products), as an alternative to skin care products that can irritate them such as antibacterial soap, one of the peeling tools and preparations, as well as products containing alcohol such as maintenance materials (asterisks).Bathe and wash after sweating.Avoid the skin and stay away from direct sunlight in general; damaged skin may be more susceptible to acne.Wash pillow covers weekly using fragrance-free products and warm water; Kill bacteria.BibliographyWas the article helpful?

What are the reasons for the appearance of pills in the back?

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