What are the steps to clean the skin

1 Washing the face

What are the steps to clean the skin – ” Contents1 Washing the face2 Wash your hands3 Drink water4 Exfoliation of the skin5 natural recipes for clean skin6 referencesWashing the faceThe face should be washed almost twice a day in the morning and before bed until we get rid of makeup or impurities, taking care to moisturize it with a good moisturizer afterwards. [1]Hand CleaningWashing hands before touching the face or skin is necessary to not be exposed to germs and dirt that are on the hand, which in turn works on the occurrence of inflammation and blocking the pores of the skin. [2]drink waterWater should be drunk daily on average eight cups in order to provide the appropriate moisture, which necessarily reflects the freshness and health of the skin. [2]scrubThe skin should be peeled off once a week with a commitment not to do it more so that the skin retains its natural oils, which is done to get rid of dead skin cells and skin roughness and make the skin clean and spruce. [ 2]Natural recipes for clean skinOption and lemonThis recipe can be applied daily on the skin by taking a little lemon juice and applying it on the skin for 10 to 12 mines, then washing it with warm water, then wipe the skin with cucumber smells g

2 Washing hands

ently and it becomes smooth and moist.Olive oil and saltSalt is defined as a skin antiseptic and antibacterial, but its use alone can cause dry skin, so a little olive oil should be added to it until a firm paste is formed, the skin is rubbed to exfoliate it well. [3]Cinnamon and honeyCinnamon works to stop the growth of bacteria in the skin while honey is a strong natural antibiotic, so a mixture can be applied to the skin, as it helps to get the skin clean, by mixing the two ingredients in equal proportions, then apply The mixture on the skin for no more than fifteen minutes, then wash it well with water. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Drink water

4 exfoliation of the skin

What are the steps to clean the skin

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