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What are the ways to whiten the skin – “Contents1 skin whitening2 natural ways to whiten the skin3 tips for skin whitening4 factors that make the skin dark5 referencesSkin whiteningHuman skin is exposed to many factors that affect it negatively and cause it to change color as it becomes darker than it is, and these factors include: excessive sun exposure, lack of nutrition and many others. When the body is exposed to such factors, it secretes large amounts of melanin (English: Melanin), which is the dye responsible for giving the skin its original color, and the increase in its secretion means more dark skin, and all individuals of different sexes seek to get the missing white skin Any defect that reduces its beauty. Therefore, everyone may rush to acquire commercial skin lighting products, and the desired result may work, but unfortunately, its frequent use causes great damage to the skin in the long run; This is due to the harmful chemical components it contains; Therefore, it is advisable to use normal ingredients to help whiten the skin, because it is rich in materials that enter many recipes that open the skin safely. [1]Natural ways to whiten the skinThere are many natural recipes that help whiten the skin. Such a

2 natural ways to whiten the skin

s:Lemon recipeLemon has entered many important recipes for skin health, because it contains a high inventory of vitamin C, and also contains anti-oxidant properties, and whitening natural properties, which makes it an excellent recipe for skin whitening. And its method is:[2]ingredients:One teaspoon of lemon juice.One teaspoon of powdered milk.One teaspoon of honey.A mixture of mixture.How to prepare:The bowl is prepared and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the dark skin, and it is left on it for a period of 15 to 20 minutes.The skin is rinsed with water.The recipe is repeated once a day.Note: it is not recommended to apply this recipe for people with sensitive skin, and it should not be applied to skin that contains wounds.Baking soda recipeBaking soda is used in many recipes related to the skin, it is suitable for removing accumulations of dirt and impurities, and it has the ability to balance the levels of hydrogen number of the skin surface, which makes it an excellent recipe to whiten the skin and make it healthier, and its method is:[3]ingredients:An appropriate amount of baking soda.An appropriate amount of water.how to prep

3 tips for skin whitening

are:Bring a bowl and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well to obtain a homogeneous paste.The mixture is placed on the dark skin and left for a minute until it dries completely.The skin is rinsed with water.The recipe is repeated once a day.Recipe for rice and sesameThe rice that has natural peeling properties can be mixed and a seminar that contains benefits that moisturize and nourish the skin. When you mix them, a wonderful recipe is formed that helps to whiten the skin and helps to shine, and its method is:[3]ingredients:An appropriate amount of rice.An appropriate amount of sesame.how to prepare:Bring a bowl, put the ingredients inside, place enough water in it and soak it overnight.The ingredients are ground the next morning, to make a paste.Put the paste on the dark skin, gently massaged with circular movements for a few minutes.The putty on the skin is left for a few more minutes.The skin is washed with water.Recipe for rose waterRose water has the properties of shrinking pores, and it also helps to clean the skin by removing impurities and sediments on it, so it is an excellent recipe that helps to whiten the skin. And its method is:[3]ingredients:An ap

4 factors that make the skin dark

propriate amount of rose water.Cotton ball.how to prepare:The cotton ball is soaked with rose water and applied to the dark skin.The rose water is left on the skin to dry completely.The skin is rinsed with water.The recipe is repeated once a day.Tips for skin whiteningThere are a set of recommended tips to apply to help whiten the skin. Including:[4]Pain: It is recommended to take enough sleep every night, due to its positive impact on the health of the skin and its lighting, taking into account the application of morning exercises for the skin, this guarantees it healthy and fresh.Skin exfoliation: Over time, dead skin cells accumulate, making them darker, so it must be removed from time to time, by exfoliating the skin, and it is best to use natural ingredients and do it gently.Cleaning and moisturizing the skin: it is very important to apply a daily skin care routine, cleaning it to remove any dirt and stuck impurities, or even any makeup effects, provided that a cleanser is chosen that suits the type of skin, and does not irritate it, then it is best to make sure to moisturize it as well by using an appropriate moisturizer, this daily routine helps the whitening of the skin.Fol

lowing a healthy diet: it is recommended to pay attention to the quality of food consumption, so that it contains all the nutrients of vitamins and minerals, which are harmful to the health of the skin, open it up and make it more radiant, as it is advisable to increase the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits.Plenty of water: water is an essential element to maintain the moisture of the body in general, and the skin in particular, it is important to renew and produce the cells of the body, and therefore it has a great role in making the skin Braille and without pigmentation, so it is recommended to drink two liters of water per day.Protection from the sun: the sun’s rays are important factors that cause darkening of the skin, when exposed excessively, it causes severe damage to the skin, so it was necessary to protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, applying a sunscreen. It is with a protection factor of at least 30, and it must be placed daily in summer and winter, and to get the required protection. [5]Factors that make the skin darkThere are a group of factors that make the skin appear dark. Such as:Excessive exposure to sunlight. [1]Lifestyle pattern. [1]Enviro

nmental pollution. [1]Follow a poor diet. [1]Dry skin. [2]Tension and strain. [2]Frequent use of cosmetic products that include harmful chemicals. [2]Some skin diseases. [6]Certain medications such as: types of antibiotics and medications used to treat psychological and emotional disorders. [6]Liver diseases and pituitary tumors. [6]Stage of pregnancy. [6]the reviewerWas the article useful?

What are the ways to whiten the skin

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