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What is a filler – “Contents1 filling2 types of filling3 filling components4 ester fillers5 Video on Botox and fillingFillingFiller is a cosmetic treatment for a body of the body without resorting to surgery, as it works to get rid of the defects that occur in the skin, and it has a great role in restoring the fullness of the natural face to achieve more youthful, vibrant skin and free of any wrinkles or drawbacks, and filler is used to fill in many areas of the body, such as the mouth, chin and nose, in addition to its ability to treat the dark circles under the eye.Types of FillingThere are several types of fillers used in injection, namely:Hyaluronic acid contains several substances, Cristlan, Jovaidrem, Capik and Hyaluronic Acid, where the liquid is directed to the treated area.Cowgien, this type requires an allergy test four weeks before its injection.Fat cells, these cells are obtained from the human body, i.e. from its own fat.Polimer, this type was made by humans and is biased.Injections by calcium hydroxylpatite.Microscopic plastic beads and beef collagen, this type was made from polythelite plastic beads and metha-matula acres in polystole, knowing that collagen disappears with time, but th

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e plastic beads remain under the skin for a long time without its disappearance.Filling componentsThe syringe filler is composed of several chemical or natural materials or flexible natural materials, such as collagen, transaluric and silicon, and these substances can be in several cases, either semi-liquid, gelatin or fat, and these substances are considered safe when used on human skin, so that the function works for which I have found, which is the mobilization of voids and cavities that appear on the skin, without any secondary damage and unwanted complications, with the need not to use it when a person reaches an advanced age.Damage to the fillingDespite the level of safety provided by the filling injection, it leads to many side effects that can be caused by the materials involved in the injection process, there are people whose body does not respond to these substances, leading this person to become counterproductive and irregular results, in addition to the presence of some materials that are included in the injection process that have future damage after using them.The filling often causes bleeding under the layer of skin, and it appears as bruises that can disappear and d

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isappear after a few days of injection process, and sometimes it causes mild infections at the beginning and after a certain period that increases and exacerbates and the case is finally necessary to go to the hospital to receive the appropriate treatment.Video on Botox and fillingTo learn more about Botox and filling in cosmetic dentistry, check out the video.Was the article helpful?

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What is a filler

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