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1 What is acne?

What is acne – ” Contents1 What is acne?2 reasons for the appearance of acne3 treatment for acne4 recipes that can benefit from acne5 complications of acne6 tips for people with acne7 referencesWhat is acne?Acne (acne) is a skin inflammation that occurs due to the blockage of the skin pores with dead oils and skin cells, so it appears either in the form of black heads, or pimples containing an abscess, and it usually appears on the Face, front, shoulders and upper back and chest, acne usually appears in teenagers, and usually gradually disappears after the end of adolescence, and it should be noted that men are more affected by women’s love than women. [1]Reasons for the appearance of acneThe main causes of acne seem the following are classified: [2]Skin production for large amounts of oils.Blockage of skin pores due to dead skin cells.The growth of acne bacteria in the skin pores.In addition to the reasons mentioned, there are factors that increase the possibility of acne, which are the following:Taking medication,As it contains androgens or lithium. [2]Some genetic reasons,What can indicate acne is related to genetic factors. [2]Hormonal changes,For example, acne appears in adulthood, as androg

2 reasons for acne appearing

en, which increases at this stage, stimulates the sebaceous glands to increase the secretion of skin oils, which exposes the skin to the appearance of acne. [2]Factors associated with women,It becomes more likely to appear acne during menstruation, pregnancy and menstruation, because these cases lead to many hormonal fluctuations in her body. [1]acne treatmentAcne treatment aims to gradually reduce acne and prevent it from possible scarring, and depends mainly on the dermatologist’s prescription for local or oral medications, and sometimes both, depending on the severity of acne and the age of the person being treated From there, and it is necessary to adhere to the treatment and what is recommended by the dermatologist for the best results. [3]Recipes that can benefit acneThere are natural recipes that can help relieve acne, but they do not sing the drugs that the doctor prescribes, and lend themselves to be careful because it can increase the bad acne, and it is possible to try the following:Turmeric and honey maskIt is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of milk with a tablespoon of honey, as well as turmeric, so that the ingredients are well mixed, and then put the mixture on the s

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kin for 10 minutes, and then wash the skin with warm water. [4 ]]Green clay maskIt is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of green clay with a teaspoon of apricot pulp oil, three points of any type of essential oil and a little rose water, and then the ingredients are mixed well, after which the mixture is applied to the skin for A period ranging from 10 minutes to a third one hour, and then the skin is washed with warm water, and it is recommended to repeat the recipe regularly until the desired results are obtained. [5]Acne complicationsThere are complications of acne that some people may be exposed to, including the following: [1]Permanent leather scars.Leathery pigmentation in skin locations, especially in dark skin.Tips for people with acneOne of the useful tips to prevent acne is the following: [6]Wash infected areas with young love twice a day.Avoid a lot of cosmetics and be sure to remove them before bedtime.Bathe after exercise, to get rid of the sweat accumulated on the skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 recipes that can benefit from acne

What is acne

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