What is the benefit of triming nails?

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What is the benefit of triming nails? – ” Contents1 nails2 nail care productsNailsIt is a solid substance that covers the fingers and consists mainly of keratin, and its importance lies in the fact that it maintains the hardness and power of the fingers, and helps to control the control of fine things, in addition to raising the interior The temperature of the fingers, as it supports the pressure of the fingers on the bodies, and helps in the process of tension and constipation, in this article, we will introduce you to the benefit of trimming the nails.ManicureWhat is the benefit of trimming nails?Timing Nails from the Sunna of instinct and has many benefits as follows:It protects the body from many diseases, due to the prevention of dirt accumulation, which protects against poisoning, or any other infection.It facilitates the movement of the fingers and maintains its flexibility in the daily work in various activities.It facilitates the process of selecting things, controlling them and holding them, like a needle.It prevents pain, as a result of its filling; because long nails are usually watched in clothes.It strengthens the nails and maintains their hardness.Tips for nail careUse the coolant properly, to refine it re

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gularly, taking care to cool it as it grows, in addition to avoiding its cold in both directions, because it is advisable to cool it in one direction, and it is dry; Because wet nails are usually vulnerable to break, due to their weakness.Customize a time for nail care, using a wet cotton ball with vitamin E oil, then running it over the nails and surrounding skin, then gently pushing the skin with a moisturizer, then apply a layer of nail strengthening on it.Avoid using acetone nail polish remover; Because this leads to brittle and dry nails, it is recommended to use a nail polish deodorant containing acetate.Maintain body moisture, eating enough water, as well as eating a cup of milk daily to get strong nails.Eat enough foods rich in protein, as it is one of the essential ingredients that constitute nails, and it can be obtained from white meat, red meat, soy products and dairy products.Eat foods containing omega -3 and iron; Because it maintains the health of nails, prevents them from dangers, and it can be obtained from leafy vegetables, eggs, red meat, nuts and spinach.Stay away from using the nails as a tool to open things, as it thins them, weakens them and increases the spe

ed of breaking them.Monitor fingers regularly for fungus.Cut nails straight so that they do not extend under the skin.Wear shoes that fit the size of the foot.Use nail clipping tools to avoid infection.Change socks and shoes more than once a day.Was the article helpful?

What is the benefit of triming nails?

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