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What is the best acne solution – ” Contents1 acne2 acne and its types3 reasons for the appearance of acne4 tips for treating acne at home5 referencesAcneGod Almighty created man with the best creation and represented him in the best way, and gave him the beauty of the face; Therefore, any deformation of the face changes this aesthetics, so we must maintain the aesthetics of our faces. The face is inherently subject to many external influences; Where it is exposed to cold and heat, and for clean air and polluted air; It is one of the most influenced parts of the body because it is exposed. Acne is considered one of the most common skin problems, especially among young people, especially during adolescence. Most young people in this age group suffer from this problem, but to varying degrees. [1]Acne and its typesAcne: It is the appearance of small blisters on a part of the face and neck, separate pimples that differ in size, and may be caused by fat secretions produced by the body, and treat them may cause inflammation and increase their size, causing pain and pus may collect and leave an effect after it disappears. These pimples or granules at the beginning of the infection are small granules that have a red color

2 acne and its types

that has a white head, and if rubbed, they are agitated and swollen, the most common types of acne appear on the face and under the neck, And they are small granules that sometimes cause itching, and appear after the body is exposed to sweat and disappears on its own within two days at most, others remain more, which requires the use of certain creams until they disappear. [2]The reasons for the appearance of acneAmong the reasons for the emergence of acne: [2]Secretion of hormones in men and women; These hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands to increase the secretion of skin oils and often occurs in a woman during menstruation or pregnancy.Psychological tensions.Genetic factors.Eat certain types of foods, especially fatty foods.Use hair and skin care products and these products cause facial skin irritation.Eat certain types of chocolate.Establish the face and do not clean the skin.Tips for treating acne at homeTo treat acne, you can follow the following tips: [3]Use warm and soap, washing the face more than three times a day.Concentrate on eating fruits for three consecutive days and do not drink liquids except water.Dry three orange peels, crush them and mix them a little with

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water, and apply the injury sites with the love of youth.Massage the affected area with a garlic thug.Make a mixture consisting of two tablespoons of mint, a spoon of turmeric, and apply the wound site well for three days.In case the love continues, it is necessary to examine the specialized doctor to perform laboratory tests and describe the appropriate treatment.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 tips to treat acne at home

What is the best acne solution

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