What is the best acne treatment

1 What is the best treatment for acne

What is the best acne treatment – ” Contents1 What is the best treatment for acne2 Natural recipes to relieve acne3 reasons for the appearance of acne4 referencesAcne appears as a result of the blockage of hair vesicles with dead cells and fatty substances, and its appearance is not limited to the area itself, it is possible to appear on the back, chest, face, neck and shoulders, and acne causes the psychological state bad in some because of its harmful effect on the skin, it is possible that its effects remain for a long time, but it is possible to get rid of acne by following the comprehensive treatments, so what is the best treatment for acne? [1]What is the best acne treatmentMany medicines and ointments are available in pharmacies to help treat acne, and these products differ from each other in terms of work, some eliminate the bacteria that cause acne, while others reduce oily skin or help eliminate dead skin and prevent accumulation inside the pores, and the following is an explanation of these products:[2]Benzoyl peroxide: it is considered an effective medication in the treatment of acne and is available in different concentrations ranging from 2.5 to 10%, and it is best to start these medications before re

2 Natural recipes to relieve acne

sorting to other acne medications. An example of these medications is panoxyl cream ( Panoxyl cream).Salicylic acid: Palicyl acid prevents the pores of the skin and is available in pharmacies in different concentrations.Alpha hydroxy acids: It is a group of acids present in the fruit that helps to eliminate dead skin cells and regenerate skin cells.Important tips when choosing the right skin care productFollow these tips when treating acne to ensure positive treatment results:[2]Start with low concentrations, you should start with low concentrations of creams at the beginning and then gradually increase the concentration over the weeks if the required response does not occur, as this helps to achieve the best results without the occurrence of side effects that creams can cause.Use a small amount of acne creams, so that it is a thin layer over the grains.Wash the affected area of acne twice a day and make sure to wash it before applying the cream on it.Avoid using skin care products that contain oils.Use different types of creams together to treat stubborn spots. In case you don’t notice an improvement in acne, you can use two types of creams as each one works in a different way, wh

3 reasons for acne appearing

ich increases the effectiveness of acne treatment and removal.Be patient, because the love of acne treatment can take a long time, so it must be patient and continue to use the treatment until you start to notice the improvement, and this can last several weeks.The principle of experience has been adopted. In many cases, the patient has to try several types of acne medications in order to find the appropriate one.Natural recipes for acne reliefHere are some natural acne recipes: [3]Honey and lupine seed recipeingredients:Two hundred and fifty grams of honey.Ten grams of ginseng herb.Ten grams of royal jelly.1 tablespoon of lupin seeds.1 tablespoon of rice soil.1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients, apply the affected areas on the young and leave them for thirty minutes.Repeat the application of recipe in the morning and evening, and you will notice the desired result after regularity on the recipe for two months.Rose water and oat recipeMix an appropriate amount of rose water with oats and apply on the face for fifteen minutes.Remove the mask by washing it off with cold water.Rose water and lemon juiceMix one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice with th

e same amount of rose water.Wipe the whole face with the mixture and leave it for half an hour.Repeat the recipe every day for two weeks.Reasons for the appearance of acneOne of the most important reasons for the appearance of acne is: [4]Changes in the body’s hormones, especially during adolescence.Increase in fatty substances in the skin, which closes the sebaceous glands.Infections in the sebaceous glands.DNA.Take certain types of medications that involve acne as side effects.Tension and psychological pressure.the reviewerWas the article useful?

What is the best acne treatment

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