What is the best face scrub

1 Best Natural Facial Exfoliation

What is the best face scrub – ” Contents1 best natural facial scrub2 natural recipes to make a peeling faceThe best natural peelingWomen want to exfoliate the face between the other time, in order to get rid of dead skin cells and sebaceous oils that make their accumulation of the problem of pimples and other problems, and despite a large percentage of them to the use Of industrial exfoliation, natural peeling prepared at home remains the choice, it is better to free them from chemicals.Natural recipes to make a facial scrubThese are some of the natural recipes to make a scrub for the face and they are the following:Oatmeal scrubPut three tablespoons of oatmeal in a container.Add a small amount of water to it.Mix the ingredients until you have a firm paste.Put the mixture on your face and rub it for fifteen minutes.Wash it off with cold water.LemonIngredients:Two large spoons of lemon juice.1 tablespoon of brown sugar.One teaspoon of olive oil.how to prepareMix the above ingredients in a bowl until smooth.Rub the mixture on your face with circular motions.Wash your face with warm water.Use the peeled lemon once a week to get a clean and bright skin.PeelIngredients:Egg yolk.Half a lemon juice.One teaspoon of yog

2 natural recipes for making a peeled face

urt.how to prepareMix the ingredients until it is smooth.Put the mixture on your face and leave it on for half an hour to tighten your skin.Wash your face with warm water, then dry it and put a moisturizer on it.LupinMix a tablespoon of ground lupine, with a tablespoon of natural honey.Put the mixture on your face for fifteen minutes until it dries.Gently rub your face, then wash it with warm water and notice the great result.Peeled milk and sugaringredients:One cup of warm water.Find a large spoonful of sugar.1 tablespoon of milk.how to prepareMelt sugar into milk.Wash your face with warm water, then dry it.Put the milk and sugar mixture on your face and let it dry.Rub your face with circular motions to stimulate blood circulation.Wash your face with lukewarm water, then dry it and put on a moisturizer to increase its softness and serenity.Do this scrub twice a week to get the desired result.Apricot and Papaya ScrubIngredients:Half a cup of puree of the ripe papaya and apricot pulp.A teaspoon of honey and dried orange peel.How to preparePut all the ingredients in a bowl.Mix it until you form a firm paste, then leave it for fifteen minutes.Put the paste on your face and rub it with

circular movements for a few minutes.Wash your face with warm water.Was the article useful?

What is the best face scrub

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