What is the cause of acne appearing?

1 hormones

What is the cause of acne appearing? – ” Contents1 hormones2 bacteria grow on the skin3 unhealthy diet4 contraceptives5 other reasons for acne6 referencesHormonesCommon teenage acne begins with increased hormone production in adulthood, each of the young men and girls produce high levels of androgens, and with regard to men specifically, androgens include the male hormone testosterone which encourages the body to produce more fat in the glands. [1]Bacterial growth on the skinAccumulated fat on the skin causes hair follicles, especially in the area of the face, neck, chest and back, which creates the appropriate environment for the growth of bacteria, causing the appearance of white or black spots on the surface of the skin, and sometimes the accumulation of fat and pressure on the tissues in the leakage of fat into the surrounding tissues appear with inflamed grains. [1]Non-ingestive dietStudies indicate that some nutritional factors such as eating skim milk and high-carbohydrate foods such as bread exacerbated the problem of acne, and eating sweets such as chocolate increases the percentage of acne on the skin, a small study of 14 men showed that the consumption of eating Chocolate is applied to aggravate the symptoms

2 bacteria grow on the skin

of acne. [2]ContraceptiveContraceptive means of pregnancy sometimes lead to acne in some women, and it can be addressed to others, and it is a contraceptive that increases the percentage of pills in the skin: injectable controllers and contraceptive devices that are placed inside the womb (in in English (English: in English: intrauterine contraceptive) [1]Other reasons for acneThere are other factors that lead to acne, including: [3]Rey factors, some studies indicate that genetic factors increase the risk of acne.Taking medications containing androgens or lithium.Use of cosmetics containing oils.Emotional stress.Menstruation.Tension and nervous pressure. [2]Eating steroids by some athletes. [1]Note: people who have passed adolescence without suffering from the problem of acne can appear pills at a late age, despite the relationship of acne with high levels of androgens, but some doctors see that the response of the body to increase the production of fat and the presence of bacteria also have a great impact in its appearance. [1]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 unhealthy diet

4 contraceptives

What is the cause of acne appearing?

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