What is the cause of acne in the face?

1 Reasons for the emergence of acne

What is the cause of acne in the face? – ” Contents1 reasons for the emergence of acne2 medical methods to treat acne3 method of aloe vera and tea tree oil to treat acne4 referencesThe reasons for the emergence of acneThere are many reasons and factors that lead to the emergence of acne in the face, including:[1]Excess oil secretion on the skin.The accumulation of dead skin cells in the face pores.The accumulation of bacteria in the facial skin pores.Hormonal change when moving from one stage to another.Take medications such as: birth control medications or corticosteroids.Eat foods containing fresh sugars and carbohydrates.Genetic factors.Medical methods to treat acneThere are many medical treatments used to eliminate acne, namely:[2]Treatments used without medical prescriptions:Regular cleaning of the face with soap and water.Using products containing benzwell peroxide.Using products containing salicylic acid.Using products containing glycolic acid.Using products containing sulfur.Using products containing retinoid.Using products containing alcohol and anatone.Using treatments with medical prescriptions:Use of antibiotics.Birth control pills.Products containing azlaic acid.Products containing the material.Aloe vera and

2 Medical methods for treating acne

tea tree oil method to treat acneAloe vera gel or aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory properties that limit acne and also improves collagen production in the skin and protects it from external effects such as infections and allergy resulting from ultraviolet rays; In fact, it contains 75 ingredients stimulated by vitamins, minerals, amino acids, salicylic acid, soaps and enzymes, as it helps to moisturize and soften the skin, tighten its pores and reduce the formation of wrinkles, as it also contains zinc and amino acids, and its method is: [3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of aloe vera gel.3-2 drops of tea tree oil.1 tablespoon of pure water.how to prepare:Mix aloe vera gel, pure water and a tree oil together to form a homogeneous mixture.The mixture is placed on the area with young love.Leave the mixture on the affected area for one minute, no more.Wash the face with water.This method is repeated daily for best results.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Aloe vera method and tea tree oil to treat acne

What is the cause of acne in the face?

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