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What is the cause of dry skin – ” Contents1 dry skin2 signs of dry skin3 causes of dry skin4 Video causes of dry hands5 referencesDry skinHuman skin is exposed to many problems as a result of the various environmental, health and psychological conditions it faces, which negatively affects its health and affects it from time to time with cracks and dehydration. Perhaps most cases of short-term dry skin occur frequently in the winter, or because the person does not care adequately with his skin and his supporters of bad behaviors that affect the vitality and health of his skin. Dry skin in general is not a serious problem, and through an increase in a person’s interest in his care may be able to rebuild the superficial skin and make its appearance shiny soft and healthy. [1]Signs of dry skinA person can tell that his or her skin is suffering from dehydration through a number of signs that appear on it, such as:[1]His or her skin feels very tight and not flexible, especially after bathing.That the texture of the skin is rough instead of moist.Feeling itchy in the skin.The appearance of wrinkles, lines and redness on the surface of the skin.The presence of clear cracks in the skin that can sometimes bleed.Causes of d

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ry skinMost often the cause of dry skin is due to environmental factors and at other times it can be evidence of the presence of a mystical disease, and below are two types of causes that lead to dehydration: [2]Environmental causesThere are many reasons that lead to dry skin, such as: [2]Exposure to cold in winter, the skin loses its elasticity, especially if exposed to cold drafts and the skin is completely dried.Frequent use of air conditioners and heating devices in hot summer and cold winter.Frequent bathing, especially with hot water, exposes the skin to severe dryness, because the hot water breaks the insulating fat layer on the surface of the skin and loses its flexibility.Home detergents, hand washing methods, especially those that contain sterile and anti-bacterial materials, or bacteria, are the most drying to the skin.A person has certain types of allergies that cause dehydration.Lack of attention to moisturizing the skin and not nourishing it with moisturizers after using water, especially in winter.Causes of healthyThere are many health reasons for dry skin, including:[3]* Certain skin diseases, such as psoriasis or eczema, which form a thick, dry and severe layer on

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the surface of the skin.Thyroid diseases: As the lack of activity of the thyroid gland leads to the non-secretion of natural moisturizing oils for the skin.Drink alcohol and stimuli that contain a large percentage of caffeine drying the skin.Anemia and body loss of important minerals and vitamins for the skin lose its vitality and cause its dryness.Take medical drugs: like urine drugs and antihistamines dry the skin.Dry body caused by vomiting, diarrhea, severe sweating or lack of drinking fluids such as water causes dry body and thus dry skin.Video causes of dry handsMany people face the problem of dry hands, which can cause them embarrassment, so what are its causes? :the reviewerWas the article useful?

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What is the cause of dry skin

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