What is the cause of yellowing of the nails

1 What is the reason for yellowing of the nails?

What is the cause of yellowing of the nails – ” Contents1 What is the reason for yellowing nails?2 recipes to keep the color of natural nails3 referencesWhat is the cause of yellowing nails?The reasons behind yellowing nails are the most important:Nail polishSome nail paint colors, frequent use of nail polish and Samton nail polish removers can stain the nail white and yellow, and this is very common and not harmful. [1]Fungal infectionsYellowing of the nail can indicate the existence of a fungal infection in the nail, and this problem is more common in toenails than fingers, and it is noted that the color is exacerbated when wearing tight shoes or when the The nail is shocked or blown, and this fungal infection can also be associated with athlete’s foot. [1]ChapterAfter psoriasis injury, the nails may be exposed to some changes, including yellowing of the nail. [1]Lack of certain vitamins and mineralsLack of vitamins or minerals in the body can cause yellow nails. [2]Decomposition or disintegration of the nailsIn this case, the nails become loose and may be separated from the finger, and the distinct part of the nail is turned over with a white, yellow or green box on it, and this condition is usually associated with an infec

2 Recipes to keep the natural nail color

tion, or a reaction to Taking a medication or consumer product such as nail tonics or artificial adhesive nails, or due to thyroid disease or psoriasis. [3]Yellow nail syndromeYellow nail syndrome is a rare disease that affects the nails of the hands and feet, and people with yellow nail syndrome may also suffer from problems in the pulmonary and lymphatic system, and in the fall, the nail appears yellow due to lymphatic convergences under The nails, which makes it yellow, and this problem can occur at any age, but it usually appears in people over 50 years. [4]skin cancerSometimes the appearance of the color of the nails can indicate the yellow color for skin cancer. [2]Recipes to maintain natural nail colorLemon: Fill a bowl with a sufficient amount of warm water, cut the lemon slices, put it in, then soak the fingers for half an hour, then gently rub the nails using a soft toothbrush, then wash them with warm water, dry them well, moisturize them with cream, and it is recommended to repeat this recipe twice a day to get satisfactory results.Baking soda: mix half a tablespoon of baking soda with another of hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of warm water to get a homogeneous mi

xture, then soak a piece of cotton, apply it to the nails, leave for three minutes, then wash it with warm water, and it is advisable to repeat this recipe once every six weeks for feasible results.Apple cider vinegar: mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with another warm water, soak the nails for a third of an hour, then dry it well with a soft towel, and it is advisable to repeat this recipe three times a day and for a month to achieve satisfactory results.the reviewerWas the article useful?

What is the cause of yellowing of the nails

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