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What is the gold mask – ” Contents1 gold2 Gold mask and its components3 The advantages of the gold mask4 Tips before using the gold mask5 How to use a gold mask6 The effect of gold on the skin7 ReferencesgoldThe Egyptians believed in the past that gold has super healing powers that could treat all diseases, even spiritual, while the Romans used gold and its preparations to treat skin lesions and many ulcers, while the ancient Chinese medicine was gold and its wear for them was the secret of young skin, and they also used gold leaf to renew the skin of the skin and use gold compounds to reduce inflammation in the treatment of a variety of diseases, in addition to what the ancients believed that the Cleopatra wore pure gold in order to have a bright skin. This article will mention many topics that deal with the effect of gold on the skin and talk about the gold mask, its components, benefits, how to use it and tips related to the use. [1]Gold mask and its componentsThe gold mask is one of the most preferred face masks for most individuals because of its many benefits, in addition to that it can be used by people aged 20 to 60 years, it gives births when they use it a glow instead of The pale face and the go

2 gold mask and its components

ld mask are suitable for all skin types, it works to eliminate toxins and anti-aging, and improves the elasticity of the skin. [2] The ready-made gold mask can be purchased in the market , and the mask contains many ingredients that give the glow to the face, as it consists of: [2]Golden paper.Cactus gel.Turmeric.The benefits of the golden maskThe use of gold mask nowadays is a popular and common issue because of its great benefits, which include:[3]Reducing wrinkles and spots, as the gold mask stimulates the basal cells of the face, and thus increases the elasticity of the skin, which works to reduce spots, wrinkles or any signs, if any, and helps to increase the youthfulness of the skin and appear in a younger appearance.Stimulating the skin cells, thus stimulating the nerves and veins of the body, which stimulates blood circulation and increases the metabolism, thus achieving a healthy skin.Protection against premature aging and dehydration that can affect the skin.Lightening the skin and unifying its color.Treating damage caused by sun exposure that can lead to an increase in coloring and meters, and helps the golden mask to reduce melanin production.Treat allergies, as it cont

3 The benefits of the gold mask

ains many antioxidants, which increases blood flow to the skin. The gold mask protects the skin from acne or skin allergy.Treat inflammation that affects the skin due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, and thus treats ulcers that may affect the skin.Tips before using a gold maskOne of the important tips before using the gold mask is the following: [2]When buying a gold mask, it is best to choose a global or well-known brand for good results.Do not mix other ingredients or use any other products when using the gold mask, because the gold mask is enough to improve the health of the skin.Wash your hands well before using this mask for best results, and this method can be used two to three times.Try not to lose the product, as the gold mask is somewhat expensive.Set a schedule showing the dates of this mask; Because its frequent use can harm the skin, the good quality of the gold mask will be enough to give the freshness to the face.How to use a gold maskThe gold mask is used by following the steps below: [4]Wash the face with gold antiseptic, then wash the face again with warm water, then dry the face.Put the gold mask scrub on the skin and neck, then stir with a ci

4 tips preceding the use of the gold mask

rcular motion, then keep it for thirty seconds before removing it.Put the golden cream on the face in addition to the golden gel, then leave it on the face to be absorbed by the skin.Use a damp cloth to remove the cream from the face.Use the gold mask and put it on the face, then leave it for a while.Leave the gold mask on the face until it dries, then remove it from the face.Sprinkle a few drops of cold water on the face and let it dry on its own.Use a facial moisturizer that is commonly used.The effect of gold on the skinGold offers many health benefits for the skin, but it can cause side effects, and between these benefits and symptoms:[1]Skin regeneration: as many luxury resorts use gold to moisturize the skin, increase its smoothness, reduce wrinkles and lines, in addition, it has been found that gold works to maintain moisture inside the skin, maintains collagen and reduces the crash of A substance called Elastin.Treatment of skin disorders: it is believed that gold has anti-bacterial properties, as it helps to transfer oxygen to the cells, which contributes to the regeneration of skin cells and treat some of its disorders such as skin ulcers or skin infections, And some stud

ies have noted that gold can be effective in treating certain autoimmune diseases and skin infections, and it also helps to inhibit certain skin enzymes responsible for the formation of inheritance (English: Blistering), or fluid collection such as diffusion in the skin.Allergy: It is rare that people develop a skin allergy due to the use of gold, but it can cause inflammation of the skin, and this can occur after the skin is exposed to several years.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

What is the gold mask

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