What is the hormone responsible for acne

1 hormone responsible for acne

What is the hormone responsible for acne – ” Contents1 Hormone responsible for acne2 The role of hormones in the development of acne3 Hormonal acne4 Symptoms and places for the spread of hormonal acne5 types of traditional treatment for hormonal acne6 referencesThe hormone responsible for acneThere are hormones that can be responsible for the formation of acne, including: [1]Testosterone: hormones are an important factor in the main causal acne; Some changes occur in hair follicles due to the change of body hormones such as high testosterone in adulthood, increased skin secretions, blocking hair follicles, thus clogging the pores, the spread of bacterial infection, the occurrence of skin inflammation and the appearance of grains.Estrogen Hormone: the change of hormones in women, especially hormones related to menstruation or pregnancy, such as low estrogen, and their change can lead to the appearance of acne.Progesterone: Some patients cause a change in progesterone levels, such as ovarian syndrome, and such a change can lead to the appearance of acne in women, but the role of progesterone and its effect on acne are not clear.The role of hormones in the development of acneChanges in certain hormones in the body cause the ap

2 The role of hormones with the appearance of acne

pearance of acne; To stimulate the production of more sebum in the sebaceous glands, where the pores of the skin are closed with oils and skin scales accumulated, and it becomes a suitable environment for the spread and flourish of bacteria, causing acne in the end, but its appearance does not mean a defect in the body’s hormones, the body contains a group of hormones and can change with different age and various health factors, hormonal acne, accompanying a health problem such as ovarian syndrome or before menstruation, or during adulthood can also be known, because there are many reasons that can lead to the appearance of acne such as the genetic factor and other causes. 2]Hormonal acneHormonal acne is known as the common youth love, and it is called hormonal acne; Due to the appearance of acne and its development on the skin in response to hormonal changes in the body, which is caused by high androgens, such as testosterone, as its height leads to the secretion of skin oils (sebum), and leads to changes in the activity of skin cells and the spread of bacteria in the hair follicles, This type of bacteria is known as propioni pactyrium (in English in English), and it leads to the

3 hormonal acne

occurrence of inflammation of the follicles and the appearance of acne, and the term hormonal acne is not included among the medical terms, but this name has been called to relate it to the spread of acne among the category of teenagers due to the hormonal changes that the body is exposed to when it moves to adulthood. [1]Symptoms and locations for the spread of hormonal acneHormonal acne appears on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders, and its appearance increases on the front; Secrete this area is a large amount of sebum, in addition to feeling depressed and frustrating among some, due to its effects on the skin, and its symptoms are as follows: [1]The appearance of red inflamed pimples of pain.The appearance of purulent pimples containing cysts.The spread of blackheads.Types of traditional treatment for hormonal acneThe treatments available for hormonal youth include several options: [3]Traditional treatments: Traditional treatments that can be purchased without a prescription are used to treat mild hormonal acne.Oral medications: These medications are treated from the inside, restore its hormones and the skin is cleaned and anti-androgenic medications are often prescribed.

4 symptoms and places for the spread of hormonal acne

Birth control pills: doctors prescribe in some cases birth control pills, especially for pills that seem to synchronize the time of ovulation and near menstruation, and the pill contains ethneellatradiol, and other ingredients, such as: Drosprinon, and NoreGtimate, and Norgentimate, Norgeinandon, And in turn, the hormones responsible for the hormones responsible for the appearance of acne, however, the contraceptive pills do not fit women who have high blood pressure, or women with breast cancer, or smokers.Anti-tone drugs: The male hormone reduces and the hormones are stable and equal.Rantitinoids: It is used topically for light conditions, most of which contain vitamin A.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

What is the hormone responsible for acne

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