What is the reason for bombing the nails?

1 hypothyroidism

What is the reason for bombing the nails? – ” Contents1 hypothyroidism2 biotin deficiency3 eating disorders4 other reasons5 Video on nail breakage6 referencesThyroidHypothyroidism is one of the most important health problems that cause nail brittleness; When the deficiency occurs in the thyroid gland, they do not produce enough hormones that need to be produced, which causes the metabolism to slow down, and according to an article published by Harvard University College, when the metabolism slows down, sweating becomes less; Where sweat is considered a natural moisturizer for the body, which leads to omission and cracking of the skin and dry nails. [1]BiotinBiotin is also known as vitamin (B7) or vitamin (H), and this vitamin helps the body to make amino acid metabolism that it needs for healthy hair and nails; People with biotin deficiency may also suffer from nails, leaves and hair loss. [2]Eating DisordersThe problem of eating disorders, especially nervous loss of appetite, is one of the problems that causes brittle nails and hair; Sufferers have a strong fear of gaining weight and are therefore eager to cut calories drastically, and thus not eat enough beneficial nutrients to maintain healthy, healthy hair and nails. [2]

2 Biotin deficiency

other reasonsThere are many reasons that lead to brittle nails, including:[1]Wild infection of the nails.Hyper thyroid activity.Nail psoriasis.Inflammation of interactive arthritis.Iron deficiency.Sunburn.Repeated hand washing.Repeated injuries or trauma.Exposure to chemicals; such as nail polish remover.Long-term use of nail polish. [3]Age. [3]Exposure to wet conditions, such as: frequent swimming, dishwashing. [3]Seasonal climate changes; When temperatures change, the body adapts to these changes, as well as for the nails. [4]Video on nail breakageFor more information on nail breakage, watch the video.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Eating disorders

4 other reasons

What is the reason for bombing the nails?

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