What is the reason for drying the face

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What is the reason for drying the face – ” Contents1 dry face2 causes of dry face3 natural recipes for the treatment of dry face4 referencesDrynessMany people suffer from many problems on the face, such as the color cook, the appearance of dark circles in abundance, dryness and others, as a result of many environmental factors and unhealthy habits, and these problems cause the feeling of extreme discomfort with their owner , and we will talk about the reasons for the drying of the face in this article, some mention natural recipes that would help in the treatment of this problem. [1]Causes of dry faceOne of the reasons for dry skin: [2]Exposure for a long period of time for burning sun or rare drafts.Wash the face constantly with soap and water specifically before going to sleep directly.Following an unhealthy diet leads to great fatigue, and therefore dry skin, in addition to not eating foods that contain vitamins such as vitamin A and others.Aging, as this leads to the inability of the skin to produce important and necessary natural oils, which can lose its flexibility and livelihood.Ask for long term makeup during the day and not to remove it when you go to sleep.Infection by some skin diseases and acute anemia.Do not

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drink large amounts of water during the day.Natural recipes for dry face treatmentOne of the best natural recipes to get rid of dry skin:[3]Honey and avocado: this recipe is used by putting a quarter cup of natural liquid honey in a suitable bowl, adding a half-pound of mashed avocado while stirring constantly, applying the mixture on the face with a rubbing with lightly, leaving it nothing more than More than A quarter of an hour, then wash it with warm water well, it is best to repeat this recipe regularly; For effective results for a limited period.Eggs and olive oil: with a well beating an egg and put it in a deep clean bowl, adding a teaspoon of natural liquid honey and a tablespoon of pure olive oil and mixed well, put the mixture on the face, leave it for At least a quarter of an hour, then wash it with cold water and soap well.Turmeric and rose water: mixing half a tablespoon of natural rose water with a tablespoon of any type of natural creams, adding a teaspoon of turmeric, applying it to the face and leaving it for more than half an hour, then wash it with warm water.Shea butter and coconut oil: Applying a tablespoon of shea butter and a tablespoon of coconut oil in a su

3 Natural recipes for the treatment of dry face

itable bowl, add a little aloe vera juice and mix them well, put the mixture on the face for no more than a third of an hour , then wash it with a well of warm water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

What is the reason for drying the face

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