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What is the reason for numbness of legs – ” Contents1 numbness of the legs2 reasons for leg numbness3 Diagnosis of leg numbness4 Leg numbness treatment5 Video, what is the reason for numbness of the legs6 ReferencesNumbnessLen numbness is defined as a sensation of tingling and numbness in the legs, and in fact this sensation can occur on different sides of the body, as it can be transverse resulting from the presence of pressure on the nerves of the legs as a result of A specific position while sitting for a long time, or it can be satisfactory resulting from a number of reasons such as exposure to direct shocks that damage the nerve, or as a result of chronic diseases such as diabetes. [1]Causes of leg numbnessNumbness occurs mainly as a result of peripheral nerve damage; As numbness is rare due to central nervous system infection, as well as it is rare that the cause of numbness is one of the serious health problems such as stroke and tumors. Among the most important reasons that lead to numbness in the legs are the following: [2]Multiple sclerosis: this disease results from the destruction of the immune system of the meal, which covers the nerve fibers, and patients vary with the appearance and intensity of symptoms dep

2 reasons for numbness of legs

ending on the affected nerve and the number of nerves affected, it is possible that the patient suffers from numbness in both men or one of them, In addition to general fatigue, tongue weight and dizziness. It should be noted that most people with sclerosis suffer from periods in which symptoms are severe and others disappear. [3]Metabolic neuropathy: it is a group of diseases that affect the peripheral nervous system that are associated with metabolic problems such as hypothyroidism, liver dishes, in addition to sugar diseases, in addition to sugar diseases, it is considered the most famous metal diseases of neuropathy , and it should be noted that the numbness of the legs due to metaphysical neuropathy worsens with the hours of the night . [4]Fibromyalgia: It is defined as a muscular affective disorder; It is considered one of the most famous causes that lead to numbness of the foot, between 4 patients we find a patient numbness in his lower limbs, except for other symptoms of the disease of muscle stress, memory problems and sleep . [5]Vitamin B12 deficiency: Animal products such as meat, fish and eggs are rich in vitamin B12, where people who rely on vegetables and plant produc

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ts in their diet suffer from a lack of vitamin, and a deficiency of vitamin B12 causes vision problems and digestive system disorders such as diarrhea and constipation, in addition to the patient’s suffering from numbness in the legs, which in turn affects his gait. [6]Spinal cord infection: The spinal cord extends from the base of the skull to the bottom of the first lumbar (English: lumbar vertebra 1), and the infection of an infection depending on the variable ability to feel and control movement in a total or partial injury, and one of the most important symptoms that is the patient complains of loss of warmth and coldness, numbness of the limbs, especially in the toes. [7] [8]Vasculitis: Any change in the walls of blood vessels is a major cause of reduced blood flow to the various organs of the body, resulting in damage to one or more organs; Which affects the functions of the body in general, where patients with vasculitis suffer from headache and fever, except for numbness in the limbs and general fatigue, and the intensity of symptoms varies depending on the severity of the hypogeneity of blood to the affected organ . [9]STROKE: Stroke occurs as a result of lack of blood su

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pply to one of the parts of the brain, and this case affects the amount of food and oxygen needed for his life, and it is considered emergency medical conditions that require the patient to be transferred to the emergency room at the onset of stroke symptoms, and of these symptoms stuttering speech, sudden headaches, in addition to imbalance and walking, and numbness in the legs, and stroke is one of the diseases that can be prevented by Refrain from smoking, avoid fat saturated foods, eat more vegetables and fruits and regular exercise. [10] [11]Raynaud’s disease: Renod’s disease is the result of the narrowing of the skin nutrients, causing a weak blood vessel that connects the skin, thus becoming the limbs, especially the fingers of the hands and to tension or low temperatures. Among the most important symptoms associated with Raynoud numbness of the toes, the change in skin color, coldness of the fingers, and it can be avoided by maintaining the heat of the limbs, and not be directly exposed to the severe cold . [12]Diagnosis of leg numbnessThe doctor depends on the diagnosis of leg numbness to take the complete pathological biography of the patient; When the injuries, infection

and voter to which the patient has been exposed, in addition to the diseases he suffers from and the medications he takes, then the doctor performs a clinical examination, and he ordered a set of tests if necessary, such As blood test and mineral examination, in addition to examining the thyroid hormones, the doctor may request X-ray images, CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging when the patient is exposed to any injury to the spine of the spine . [1]Treatment of FEN numbnessLeg treatment varies according to the causes, although there is no treatment for genetic causes, but we can control the acquired reasons; If the cause of numbness is a lack of vitamins, it is recommended to use nutritional supplements to compensate for the deficiency, and thus the symptoms of numbness greatly improve. If the cause of numbness is nerve damage caused by diabetes; monitoring and controlling blood sugar levels slows the damage and improves numbness symptoms. Patients are generally advised to follow a proper diet, exercise regularly, refrain from eating alcohol and smoking, and maintain a perfect weight. [13]What is the cause of legginessTo learn more about the reasons for leg numbness, watch the

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What is the reason for numbness of legs

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