What is the solution to acne

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What is the solution to acne – ” Contents1 Acne2 Prevention is better than treatment3 Treatment methods to relieve acne4 ReferencesAcneMany people suffer from the problem of acne on the face and the same in the areas around the chin and nose and forehead, and this problem spreads especially during adolescence and in the advanced stages of life; When the pimples on the face leave annoying effects and the person tries to hide these effects as much as possible, whether it is cosmetics or resorting to laser treatment or other specialized and expensive therapeutic methods. [1]prevention is better than cureBut we do not have to resort to these methods to hide the effects of acne; It is better to prevent acne from appearing on the face and solve the problem; Where pills are produced on the face by the accumulation of oily secretions and oils produced by oily skin, especially in certain areas such as: an area around the nose, forehead area and chin area; Where the accumulation of bacteria and germs on the skin with oils leads to skin irritation, and thus the appearance of red pimples and young love, and there are other reasons for young love such as: eating chocolate and sugar in abundance and eating pistachios and nuts

2 Prevention is better than treatment

causes the appearance of love in some people who suffer from allergies against incalcitrant and pistachios, and the psychological factor also plays a role in the emergence of acne pills; As the period of adolescence is one of the periods that people suffer from many psychological, family and academic pressures, and this stage is transient for them; The effects of this appear in the form of pills on the face as a result of tension, lack of comfort and nervous tension. [2]Therapeutic methods to relieve acneSeveral things and tips can be followed to fight acne, including:[3]Continuous facial cleansing: facial cleansing constantly reduces the appearance of acne on the face, especially for those who suffer from oily skin; Where they should cleanse the face three times a day, because the person who suffers from oily skin should use sulfur soap because of its many treatment properties on the face that specifically benefit oily skin; Because it works to remove and rid the skin of oils and fats and dry it, and thus dries the pills of the material inside faster.Rose water: rose water works to calm and sterilize the skin, and rose water can be used as ice cubes to pass it over the skin after

3 treatment methods to relieve acne

cleansing it to eliminate the effects of grains and reduce them.Avoid grain tampering: tampering with pills on the face spreads to spread the liquid inside the pill, so avoid tampering.the reviewerWas the article useful?

What is the solution to acne

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