What is the treatment of pills

1 Medical solutions to treat grains

What is the treatment of pills – “Contents1 medical solutions to treat grains2 Natural solution to treat grain3 tips for treating grains4 referencesMedical solutions to treat grainPills can be treated medically as follows: [1]Topical medications: pimples can be treated topically, using medicinal drugs, some of which are useful in fighting the bacteria that cause acne, while others benefit from reducing the percentage of oils in the skin, and we mention the following:Various antibiotics.Retinoid drugs (English: retinoid).Salicylic acid.Benzoyl peroxide.Optical and laser treatments: these treatments kill the bacteria that cause acne, and you can consult a skin pathologist to determine the appropriate treatment.A natural solution to treat spotsEgg whites can be treated with acne, as it reduces the size of large pores, as it cleans the skin and removes dirt and oils, in the following way:[2]ingredients:Egg whites.Half of the poor paradise.One teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Avocado is mixed with egg whites.The juice is mixed with avocado and eggs.The mixture is placed on the face and left until it dries.Rinse the skin with water, then let it dry naturally.The process is repeated regularly.Tips for tre

2 Natural solution to treat grains

ating the grainsNext, we mention the most important tips to get rid of acne: [3]It is recommended to wash the face with a chemical-free lotion twice a day, if the weather is hot and the humidity is high.There are many medications that contribute to the appearance of acne, so it is advisable to consult a doctor about changing the medications that cause this.It is recommended to use cosmetics and chemical skin care products without skin, which do not cause the closure of skin pores, because the use of chemicals rich in chemicals increases the problem of acne.Tension can indirectly stimulate the appearance of acne, so it is recommended to avoid stress by doing exercise such as: yoga, walking, spending time with friends or family members, pets or practicing any other activity, such as: watching a movie, or reading a book.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 tips for treating grains

What is the treatment of pills

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